Monday, February 02, 2009

gus gus returns...

so remember in my last post when i said we have too many mice?? unfortunatly i wasn't just referring to our first visitation from gus gus #1. turns out gus gus has a brother. and he's a little quicker than his sibling. two weeks ago danny and i had a SUPER late night. he was out partying with his buddies (they were throwing a bachelor party for elliot) and so i decided to go hang out with the fam (since i hate being home alone). once we finally were home for the night, i was starving so i poured myself a bowl of cereal and was eating it on our bed. danny was in the kitchen. this is what happened next:

danny: OH MY GOSH (screaming from the kitchen)
jessie: what??
(and then i saw it. a tiny little furry creature dart into the bathroom and around the edge of the sink.)
jessie: EEEEW. (as i spilled the milk from my cereal ALL over the bed)
danny: let's trap it in the bathroom--i'll get him once we're done eating

now that you have that nice mental imagery. get this. five minutes later danny went in with a broom and a box ready to kill. until he started yelling again saying, "it's not in here!" yeah. turns out we have a hole right behind our toilet that neither of us have ever noticed before.

i have nightmares still.



    you guys should probably move to Rexburg.


  2. YUCK! As soon as I saw the title of your post I told Josh that you must have found another mouse! :( Yucky. That is nasty-o.

  3. You better have Gramps come fix the hole.

  4. siiiiiiccckkkk nasty. i still have nightmares of my mouse encounter. barfies.

  5. sick!! I would die! I keep thinking I hear mice above us in the ceiling, and it grosses me out!! I would cover that hole in a heartbeat, or have someone catch the little sucker! Good luck!