Monday, October 05, 2009

a {baby} story

{disclaimer: this post is extreeeeeeemely long. don't feel obligated to read it all, but as a mom, i want to be able to get every detail down so i won't forget...because most likely i will. enjoy!}

many of you may be wondering how exactly maxwell scott made his grand appearance. one day my blog reads: "i'm trying to stay positive about that because who knows, maybe i'll prove him wrong. maybe i'll go into labor tonight. maybe my water will suddenly break and i'll have to rush into the hospital." and then two days later...he's here! all i have to say about that is God answers prayers! i was just about to the end of my {pregnancy} rope when my body finally decided to let this baby join our family.

...but i'll start from the beginning...

since dr. judd had told us that max would most likely be late, we were expecting a conference baby. we tried to mentally prepare ourselves for another week and a half of pregnany. so when the weekend rolled around, we planned to live it up and do a bunch of things {like sleep in} that we wouldn't be able to do once he arrived. but friday night {the 25th} came and i was feeling extremely uncomfortable and exhausted. we decided to take it easy, rent a red box, and indulge in the goodness of yoasis. we went to bed around 12, expecting to get a full eight hours+ of sleep

...little did we know...

around 3:45 am i woke up with contractions, but they weren't super intense so i just got up and walked around trying to get comfy. they weren't stopping, so around 4:15 i woke danny up {it took me a good ten minutes for him to actually wake up enough to understand what i was saying} and told him what was going on. he sweetly suggested that i roll over and he'd scratch my back. i didn't think that would do the trick...but i did, and within two seconds of him scratching my back, he was asleep again. i kept trying to get comfortable but nothing was working. this went on for two more hours, until finally i decided that enough was enough. i really didn't want to get sent home from the hospital but at this point, i didn't care. if anything, we would be able to get pre-registered. i finally got danny out of bed and we threw a few essential items into the diaper bag and around 7 am we were on our way to the orem community hospital.

as soon as we arrived, my contractions basically stopped {go figure!} but we went in anyway and checked in. the nurse asked for my name, and i told her {while smiling}. i'm sure she thought "she thinks she's in labor...but she's not..." they admitted me to the back, had me change into a gorgeous hospital gown, and minutes later sent a nurse into check me out.

within seconds of checking me, she said, "yup! i feel a head! you are dilated to a four so let's get you admitted and start your i.v. you are going to have a baby before you know it." we couldn't believe it. danny and i were in shock because they weren't going to send us home!

the next few hours were a complete blur. ann {my nurse} escorted us back to the room where we would stay/deliver the baby and then she started my i.v. and called the anesthesiologist to get my epidural started. by the time he got there {around 9:30} i still wasn't in a lot of pain but the second i got my epidural...i was in heaven. people tell you epidurals are amazing, but i guess you can't fully appreciate them until you are the one receiving it. after 9:30 am, i didn't feel any pain. at all. it was amazing.

around 11 dr. judd came in {he could NOT believe that i was in labor...apparently he had scheduled me to be induced on october SIXTH! yes, that's TOMORROW! because he was so sure that i wouldn't have had him by now} and broke my water for me to speed up the process a little bit. he estimated the baby would be born around 4 pm {i was still only at a five} so he left, and danny and i just hung out. still in shock. {i think it was finally starting to sink in that we were about to become parents}

at 12:30 ann checked me again and i was at an eight. she said, "looks like this baby is coming sooner than we thought!" and she went off to call dr. judd. i decided then was a good time to call my mom and have her head over to the hospital and by the time she got there at one, my room was filled with nurses and doctors getting ready to deliver a baby.

at about 1:05 they told me to start pushing...and at 1:13 maxwell scott entered this world. it was the MOST spectacular thing that i have ever witnessed or been a part of. the spirit was SO strong, and seeing my little boy for the first time was miraculous. i couldn't stop crying. dr. judd made fun of me, telling me i was crying more than the baby. but seriously, it was wonderful. i couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. danny and i couldn't stop looking at our little guy {we still find it hard to look away from his adorable face} and still can't quite comprehend that we created him with the help of the Lord.

the next few days in the hospital were spent visiting with wonderful family and friends, and adoring/getting to know our little one. babies are precious, and the hospital stay was wonderful.

and that, is how it all happened.
bringing new life into this world is one amazing experience, and we couldn't be happier!


  1. Thank you for that blog post. It made having a baby not sound so scary! haha

  2. My absolute favorite part is Danny scratching your back. I told that to Ryan and Stu and they both laughed and said they would have done the same thing! Oh guys...

    anyways, I love you girl and I'm So happy we chatted the other day!

  3. Seriously I am so so so so happy for you guys. We can't wait to meet him. I hope you guys will be around during Thanksgiving so we can meet him.

  4. i absolutely LOVED reading your birth story! i honestly wish there was a blog where everyone could just post their stories cause they are so fun to read. it sounds like you had a BREEZE of a labor/delivery. way to go!! it really is the BEST day ever huh??? It only gets better each and every day as you grow more and more in love with them. Its amazing. So happy for you both and can't wait to meet him!

  5. SO SWEET!!!!! i love your little family. keep posting many pictures of your cute guy. i hope you're getting some sleep! :)

  6. your labor and delivery experience sounded a lot like ours. we had dr. judd too, and i thought he was great. he induced me at 6am, thinking that we'd have babies late afternoon. it was actually 230 the next morning, but we were fine with that because we just relaxed and slept the entire wait.

    thanks for letting me hold your precious little guy tonight. he's perfect and beautiful. congrats guys :)

  7. What an awesome story! I'm so glad you shared it!! XOXO!!!

  8. I feel so lucky that he lives in my house - I love that little baby! You guys are the best.

  9. Ah I'm so glad you got that all written down! -And I still need to come see you're little guy. Let me know what days are good for you -or if you're just sitting home sometime and want a visitor :) I'd love to stop by!

  10. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Your a mommy!! That is sooo crazy. I've been wondering what was going on in your life and I'm sooo happy to find out!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm soo happy for you!

  11. If it's that make me want to have a baby right now!! So sweet...

  12. Wow. I hope birth is that easy for me. Even if it is, I'll find reasons to complain. I'm coming down soon. I must. School and work just never seem to end, but for you I might make a quick Sunday day trip or something. I'll let you know. :)