Wednesday, October 07, 2009

i {LOVE} him

it's crazy how someone so tiny can demand such attention and require so much time. from feeding little max 8-12 times in 24 hours, there isn't much time for anything else. but what's even crazier is that i {love} him so SO much. he is practically perfect in every way and is SUCH a good baby! he cries when: 1) he's starving 2) he's cold 3) when i pinch his little leg in his car seat strap...{yes, that happened today, and i felt like a horrible mommy. luckily he loves car rides and his memory isn't the greatest!} but that's basically it. the rest of the time he is either sleeping, eating, or mesmerized by something. he is one good baby.

not only do i have a sweet little baby boy, but my husband is pretty darn incredible. he is the best daddy to max and he has been such a huge help to me as i've been recovering from the stresses of post-labor. {lest any of you think having a baby was a complete breeze for me...just know that the days following labor were not as pleasant. once the meds all wore off i definitely felt lots of the pain! and let me tell you, it did not feel good.} he is super busy with teaching at timpview, working at the mtc, going to school, {his last semester! yay!} and most recently, being called as the first counselor in the young men's presidency in our ward. i don't know how he does it, but he manages to spend lots of quality time with his family as well. i {love} him!

he seems to always have some sort of surprise up his sleeve, and today's surprise definitely did not disappoint. this is what happened:

around 1:30 i decided to whip up some banana bread while max was taking one of his many naps. while i was in the middle of that someone knocked on the door. ever since becoming a mom i have turned into a humongous worry-wart and since i was home alone and we don't have a little peep hole i decided to wait, and if they really wanted to they would knock again. they didn't, so i opened the door and found this on the doorstep:

a RECORD cover of janice kapp perry's, "in the hollow of thy hand." who in the world uses records anymore?? to say the least, i was super confused, and slightly freaked out. it was addressed to danny so i set it on the counter and waited to ask him about it when he got home.

he acted just as surprised as i was to see it. {key word: ACTED} he pulled off the shrink wrap {while he made sure to make comments about anthrax and other creepy things...} and he pulled out these:

these three adorable custom made prints from fall down tree! i couldn't believe it. i saw this print at the women's expo a few weeks ago a fell in love with it:

but i wanted it done in three separate prints for max's room. i told danny about it and he didn't seem too enthused about it...but apparently he was and ordered it all without me knowing! the guy who does the paintings was in on the secret too--which is why he disguised it with a record album. wow. aren't my boys the BEST??

i {love} them.


  1. that is the cutest thing ever!!! aww you are such a cute mommy.

  2. So cute!!! You're making me want a baby...haha. But really, you have the cutest boys in your life. I love those prints too. Adorable.

  3. That's so cute. You are an awesome mom! And sorry to hear about the pains...I'm sure it's a HUGE adjustment! Thanks for your comments on my blog...and I'd LOVE to come visit you guys!!! I will call you sometime to arrange a time. But feel free to call me if you need anything!

  4. Danny is a keeper.

    Max is a keeper.

    You are a keeper.

    I LOVE you guys!!

  5. PS.

    I want those prints. Checking it out now!

    GIRL When I say, "Oh, I'm 37 weeks." I don't really think that it is really that soon. But on my countdown thing on my blog it said, 20 days to go. That seems MUCH faster than 3 weeks. haha I'm losing my mind.

  6. HE IS SO CUTE!!!

    that was so sweet of danny. and those prints are adorable!

    we want to come see you and meet max! when is good time for visitors for you?