Saturday, October 10, 2009

two weeks

our little man is already TWO weeks old! we can't believe it. life has changed totally and completely, but we love it.

things we've learned since his birth: 1. it is TRICKY changing his diaper. we've had multiple disasters...which have resulted in max getting covered in pee. {along with the wall, changing pad, us...}
2. our schedules now revolve around him.
3. we'll probably never catch up on sleep again.
4. being parents is extremely hard...but so rewarding.

things we love about max: 1. his big, BRIGHT eyes. they seriously light up the whole room. they aren't open much, but when they are, it's the best thing ever.
2. he is a champ at stretching. every time he wakes up he launches into a full three minute stretching routine. it's the cutest thing.
3. his hair. it's soo soft, and everyone who sees him can't get enough of it.
4. he has one adorable little smile. and the cutest dimple on his chin.
5. he LOVES having his hands up by his face at all times. {see below}

we love our little guy.


  1. Is it weird to think that cutie was JUST inside you?? I bet you look at him when he stretches and say..."Ohhh that's what you were doing!" I feel so many little punches by her head so I'm guessing she does that arm extension thing too. You look so good girl. Seriously. GORGEOUS mommy.