Monday, October 12, 2009

byu football

the friday after max was born, our friends emily and elliott gave us their byu football tickets. my parents brought us dinner, and watched max for us while danny and i snuck away for the third quarter. it was freezing, and it was rather weird leaving our little boy, but we had a great time cheering on the cougars.


  1. The USU vs. BYU game. I'm just saying...the Aggies did pretty good considering... :) Also, you look BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. I bet your happy you can wear your coats. Right now, ITS FREEZING and I get to wear Ryan's coats. Nothing at all fits. BYU football has been fun to watch this season for sure! Getting tickets is tricky so I'm glad you guys jumped on the opportunity!!

  3. If you ever want to leave just you and danny again and need a babysitter, call us! We'd love to watch Max, you just might not ever get to take him back though. :)