Friday, February 18, 2011

boo for byu

i'm having a rough day.

mainly because:
1. the sun isn't shining.
2. this cold that i've been fighting is still hanging on.


3. the biggest kicker--i'm not graduating from byu in april anymore.


according to an email that i just received from my counselor, i am 9.5 credits short of the required amount.
what i want to know is, why in the world did NO ONE ever mention this to me?!?

yeah. i'm a teeny tiny bit frustrated. i've been tracking my graduation on mymap and there it tells me that every requirement is complete. however, after talking with my counselor, she informed me that i should have been referring to my progress report. go figure. so i checked out my progress report and at the bottom, in little itty-bitty writing it says, "total credits deficient: 9.5"

looks like i'll be coming back to campus after all.
we still haven't quite figured out when i'll be able to come up for classes. i am having another baby in april, you know?
so life is going to be fun :)


  1. oh, i'm so sorry jess! what frustration!

  2. Oh dear. That's not good news at all. I'm so sorry!! Hang in might take a little longer, but you can do it!! You're SO close!!

  3. oh jessie. i feel so sorry for you :( what a let down!

    p.s. i feel like i didn't get to talk to you much last time i saw you so we need to get together again! Maybe just you and i with husbands or something.

  4. jessie i am sooo sorry! what a nightmare! my friend had the same experience except that she met with a counselor 3 times to track her graduation and they never said anything! looks like they need a little refresher course on what their job is. haha!

  5. Sorry Jessie, that really stinks! Steve had met with his counselor about 5 times, and they never mentioned this last class he had to do until it was almost too late for him to do it. I really think there is something wrong with the way they do things!

  6. So sorry to hear that Jessie! Have Danny take you out for some ice cream... :) Hope your night gets better!

  7. Jessie! I am so dang sad for you! How annoying!! Would you be able to finish up your classes online?

  8. Ugh. Seriously? Just burn the administration office down. They'll loose all their records and uh.. somehow that will mean you'll graduate. (either that or it'll make you feel a little bit better.) In all seriousness, that really stinks.

    Oh, and I need to reply to that email...right now. :)

  9. talk about ANNOYING!! i would be so upset. i'm sorry! well we can both bring our babies to campus together and have play dates in the library! haha

  10. I am so sorry!! That is the worst, in fact that se thing happened to me last semester -only for my associates but still. So frustrating! It was sooo good to see you two the other day. We love when you guys come. I hope all else is going well :)