Thursday, February 17, 2011

frost bite

a few days ago, max woke up with a purpleish-red ear.
at first, i didn't think much of it. i thought he had just been sleeping right on his ear and it had fallen asleep for a little while.

but at lunch, when his ear was still purple, i started getting a little worried.
so i sent a text to danny's sister, our very own pediatrician :), and asked her advice. she said,

"doesn't sound normal. is it swollen? has he been in the cold without a hat recently? could be external ear infection but that usually makes the ear hot and swollen and painful to touch. or mild frostbite which is just discoloration of the ear in a pattern consistent with what was exposed to cold."

{this is max's version of "more please" in sign language. he's adorable.}

frostbite?? i was a little nervous. that's when danny got a call from me and i told him about max's mystery ear and he said, " it his right ear?? i forgot to tell you, but he took a major spill yesterday on his ear."

poor guy!! i sent kristina a message and told her not to worry--thank goodness it wasn't frostbite! but his ear has had some major does not look pretty. next time i leave max alone with his daddy i'll have to put him in a helmet :)


  1. OH MY GOSH I'd kill em for freaking you out so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always expect SOMETHING when I leave Brin with Ryan.

    PS> it was 75 degrees here today.

  2. Passei, li, gostei e deixo um grande abraço a todos....