Thursday, March 07, 2013

we're gainin'

Alright, so I wasn't able to get the mood board up "tomorrow"...but this is better than next week right?? This week has been full of decisions and lots of trips up & down the stairs (our only toilet is down in the dungeon!) but overall it has been great and I am so so incredibly excited about how the plans are unraveling. Our contractor started Monday and is doing great! Today the sheetrock goes in & plumbing will be wrapped up!! Exciting stuff.

Many of you have asked where in the world our toilet is going?? Valid question. My CAD days are lonnnng gone (I took 3 years of drafting in High School and loved it!) but here is a very rough sketch of what we've got up our sleeves as far as the layout is concerned:

I know, it's not the prettiest draw-up you've ever seen. The scale is all out of whack and it looks pretty horrible. But hopefully it'll give you a little idea of what's going on. 

We're closing off the entire area where the toilet used to be, and just so we don't lose out on any precious natural light (I need all I can get!) we're installing a "faux" window. I'm really excited about that. The tub will stay in the same place, besides the fact that it will be brand new!! In fact, it's currently sitting in the bathroom and it is a beaut. In between the tub and the pedestal sink (which actually isn't round, but squareish) Russ built us a wall that goes up about 7'. We didn't want it totally closed off and from what I can tell with the 2x4's, it's going to look great. 

One question you may be asking yourself is...where in the world are we going to store everything?? Well, I've decided that we really don't need or even use 90% of the things we used to have in the bathroom so I'm going to condense and keep it simple. Sometimes I think when I've got too much storage, I keep everything under the sun...and then it never gets touched. We are putting a recessed mirror/medicine cabinet above the sink with a surprisingly large amount of storage. So that, along with the large hall storage I've got right outside the bathroom door, I think we'll be set.

Last but not least, here is a little mood board I came up with (which is now a little outdated; we've added a few more things since then...) I want to keep it sleek with pops of color and I'm so happy with what we've decided on!!
1. I love the curviness of the handles, the higher arch of the faucet, and especially the price tag.
2. I spotted this gem in Better Homes & Gardens and I can't stop thinking about it.
3. I was sold on this sink for a number of reasons. For a pedestal sink, there is quite a bit of space around the perimeter. And, I love how it flares out near the bottom. With so many rigid lines, that feminine touch will be appreciated (if only by me!)
4. Classic subway tile. This will be used as the tub surround. It will match the backsplash in the kitchen (which has been fabulous).
5. You may have seen my dilemma on Instagram about penny tile. I really love penny tile and we were pretty set on it. BUT, after contacting The Tile Shop and realized that the tile we wanted was on backorder (we first spotted the tile on John & Sherry's backsplash)...we came up with an alternative. I think I'm secretly happy that the penny tile didn't work out though...this hex tile makes me happy :)
6. Nothing too fancy here. But just like everything else, we're pretty pumped! Especially since we'll be able to sit on it like normal people.
7. This navy striped shower curtain is a million times better than what we had before. 
8. I'm probably only going to buy one (maybe two) of these adorable hand towels from Anthro. But are they not the cheeriest?!
9. Woodgrain pattern in towels=awesome. 

So there you have it! I.can't.wait!!!

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  1. Love it all! Can't wait to see it on the blog and in person... (yes, I just invited myself over!) Haha!