Wednesday, March 13, 2013

there's a light at the end of the bathroom tunnel!

today is the day that our bathroom will (mostly) be finished!! today! can you believe that?? i'm still kind of in shock (probably because i haven't seen it since last thursday) but let me tell you, having someone else do all the dirty work for you feels gooooood.

danny has been monitoring the progress while we've been away and he's taken a few pictures (to keep me happy!)

want to take a peek at the latest??

here is the shower covered with beautiful sheetrock, tape, and mud! the tub will be in the same location, but we added a little cove/shelf/inlet (whatever that's called) for shampoo, soap, etc.

here is a night shot of where our fake window will go (the toilet will go right below that). we decided to go with a simple picture window but that won't be done until this friday. so when i say the bathroom will be "mostly" finished today, that's what i mean. the window will still need to go in...along with primer, paint, trim, etc... (ok, there will still be a lot to do, but the hard part will be done!)

our pedestal sink will fit right in that little area (see the outlet on the ceiling for the hanging light?!?) we didn't want it to feel completely enclosed, so the wall only comes up about 7'. i really like how it turned out. oh, and the area cut out of the wall will hold our recessed medicine cabinet.

forgive me for these absolutely nasty pictures but i think it's pretty amazing! russ was able to completely change out the pipe for the toilet and fit it up right against the wall. when we get around to finishing the basement, all those pipes will be built inside a wall!! woot woot.

look how wide open our staircase is!!!! now if we can just figure out how to drywall that...

and a few more of the bathroom (the next day...i believe these were taken on friday). the green stuff you see surrounding the tub is apparently prep for the tile (which looks amazing!! pictures to come!)

...a better view of the "half" wall between the sink & tub areas:

i am beyond excited. for those of you who have had to live with an absolutely, completely disgusting bathroom for an extended period of time, you know exactly how i feel ;)

i've currently got the camera so danny has no way to take more current, updated pictures, but as soon as i get home, i'll get some up. it's gonna be a beaut!!


  1. It's so fun to see your crummy little bathroom transforming! Definitely keeps the pictures coming.