Monday, March 04, 2013


If you've checked your Instagram or Facebook feed this weekend, chances are you've noticed that we have been having quite the party in our bathroom. It has been a blast! (Seriously!) Being able to rip out the bathroom that we've disliked for the last 2.5 years was a great weekend activity. Are we weird?? Maybe :)

Some of you have wanted to see before pictures. Apparently I don't show off this room as much as the others...well, this is why:

//awkward placement of everything. We've never been able to sit on our toilet normally. The people who installed it must have been very short!

//the "beautifully" angled countertop has always been a fave. (not!)

//un-recessed, outdated medicine cabinets were begging to go.

//the curvy shower curtain rod was hanging on by a metal thread. Oh, and that shower curtain and plastic white clips (gaggg) were some of the first things to go.

//check out that heavily textured pink ceiling!! And the mold. We can't forget the mold. It was everywhere!!!

//the countertops were held together with tape. Quality, right?!?

//tiny little sink (again, made for short people)

//another medicine cabinet begging to go

//the shower head has seen better days

//short towel racks=small child magnet (the kids love to hang on this!!)

//peeling away "backsplash"

Are we all in agreement that this room needed to go?? I hope so :) Friday night we were able to send the kids to their Nephi grandparents, Nell & Chris for a sleepover. They had a blast and so did we! Win win. We started out by removing all of the easy stuff (medicine cabinets & mirror.)

We discovered this behind the main cabinet, of course! There were a few real tiles along the edge, the main part was painted on. I really want to meet the people who lived in our house once upon a time. It sure would be fun to ask them what they were thinking ;)

//it already looks so much better!

Should I even show this nasty picture?? Probably not...this was below our sink!!! Mold infestation.

//the tile wall is comin' down!

Proof we took safety precautions:

//taking the ceiling out from the attic. Genius idea!!!

 By the end of Friday night (12 am) we were completely tuckered out but Danny decided to finish up one last task before calling it quits. The bathtub!!! It was quite the feat to get our cast iron tub out of there. He smashed it with a hammer (name that movie!) while I worried that our house was going to crumble to the ground (literally all of our walls were shaking!)

Saturday morning we set out to tackle this beauty! The picture below is taken from the top of our staircase. The wall directly in front is where our toilet sat on the opposite side...does that make sense? It's kind of confusing. Anyways, I wanted that wall to go completely, so that I didn't hit my head on the way down the stairs.

//is that creepy or what? ;)

We had a baptism to attend at noon but Danny's parents came to the rescue!! While we were gone, they took out the toilet, cleaned up our staircase, and started removing part of the floor. They are amazing!!!

And that my friends, is where I'll leave you for today! Later on, our contractor (Russ Frame) will be here to get things started!! I cannot wait. Stay tuned this week! Hopefully tomorrow I'll give you a peek at the mood board that I've come up with for the new bathroom :)


  1. Crazy stuff! I bet it will be so nice when it's done! So what are you guys doing for a bathroom until then? :)

  2. So excited! Seriously, you need to do a house tour vid.

  3. Wow! You guys have been busy. We can't wait to see it finished!

  4. We told our kids that the picture of the leg coming out of the ceiling was a dead body you found! haha
    Looks like so much fun! I can't believe you lived with that bathroom as long as you did! So happy for you to be getting a new bathroom!
    -Is the movie The Emperor's New Groove?