Friday, February 12, 2010

i have the greatest job EVER!!!

(danny) - in case you didn't know i am currently in the seminary program at byu. i get to teach three class periods at maple mountain high school. last semester i was at timpview, and the one before i was at diamond fork junior high. so often when people hear i wanna be a seminary teacher they say something like 'i heard it's really hard to do' or 'wow didn't you sleep/sluff your way through seminary' (haha, dangit, im still repenting). so this is why i consider myself the luckiest guy in the whole world, and if things don't work out i will still be the luckiest guy since i got a year and half with God's most precious children. here are some of the best, and wierdest things i have heard from my students' mouths. my words will be in blue and theirs will be in red:

here is a picture of my wife and son.
how did you get her to marry you?
i have no idea
yeah me neither.

ok everybody here is your new seating chart.
if you make me move i'll leave the church.
(what in the world do i say to that?!)

(to a girl who had lost her father a few years ago)(speaking about enduring through trials)
do you have a testimony of enduring to the end?
yes, i know that even at your lowest point God will help you through and comfort you.

(to one of the timpview basketball and football stars)
how has that helped increase your faith in God?
i know that no matter what happens with basketball or football God always comes first, no matter what. God always comes first, no matter what.

(just last week)
bro mckinley what happened to bro maughan? (this kid's last teacher)
hmmmm, i don't know, i think they transferred him up north
oh... why?
they just like to switch us around, sorry.
(he slept through class that day, argh!)

(at the end of each semester)
could you give me some suggestions on how i could be a better teacher
without fail:
bring more donuts
yeah bring more treats
don't have a seating chart
more games
(i suppose i said the exact same thing to my seminary teachers. karma, its real)

(as we are about to start singing a hymn at the start of class)
what the...
(maybe if i pretend it didn't happen, it didn't)
i think: im gonna kill em
ok who was that?
ty: it was lucas
lucas: no way it was ty
i don't care who it was just put the fart machine away!
(i guess its better coming from a machine right?)

(an email i received the other day from a girl i taught last semester)
bro mckinley guess what!!! im getting sealed to my family on wednesday, can you please be there?
God is so amazing!!!!! and for some reason i got to be there with her and her family.

(a student comes running into class)
what's up?
i just ran away from my friends who wanted me to sluff seminary, but i came!
(it is hard for me to express how amazing these kids are!)

What a wonderful thing it has been to teach seminary to these amazing youth. it has been the greatest job in the whole world! every day as my kids leave class i yell out look unto Christ in every thought and they yell back doubt not fear not!
Let's stop doubting and look unto Him always.


  1. Daniel!

    What amazing things you have been blessed to learn and be part of!

    Look unto Christ in every thought -Doubt not, fear not!

    Love you!

  2. Great post, Danny. I love the comment about leaving the church over a seating chart. I laughed out loud.

  3. Good to hear your having a good time. Teaching kids is a great experience you never know what to expect. I get to teach about 10 11 to 14 year old kids every Sunday and its a challenge. It is impressive how spiritually strong they are in such a dark world.

  4. I love Brother Mortensen :) We said that at the end of class every time! Sounds like you've had a great semester (and an eventful one at that). Way to go, you guys will be so blessed for the lives you've touched. Seminary teachers had such an impact on me in high school! Hang in there!