Wednesday, June 03, 2009

{the past few days...}

i have a little bit of catching up to do on this blog of ours...surprise, surprise!
better late than never, right?

saturday, may 23, danny had a soccer game here at BYU where they defeated the hollywood hitmen 1-0. it was a pretty dirty game--apparently the hitmen don't like to lose. but it was way fun and even more fun was being able to watch my amazing husband tearin' it up on the soccer field. brittany came during the second half to cheer them on, so it was a great sitting with her and danny's parents.

sunday, may 24, after we got back from my parents for sunday dinner, we decided to finish up this puzzle that we've been working on. yeah...we love puzzles. danny's grandpa let us borrow this one (since he's big into puzzles too) and every single piece was shaped so uniquely--giving us quite the challenge. but we did it and had a blast.

monday, may 25, was memorial day! yay for NO classes. i started it out by going to cemetery with my mom, cami, and my grandparents. (my mom and i got extra credit in floral design for going, so that was a nice added bonus). we made boutonneires so we took them with us and gave them to some of the veteran's who were enjoying the band play.

later that afternoon, we headed to seven peaks for the first time this summer! gotta love those season passes. brittany came with us, along with danny's brother matt, and our friends emily and elliot. it was a little over-cast but danny and i both got FRIED. guess thats what we get for thinking we didn't need any sunscreen. {oops}

danny and matt talked britt into going on freefall! i couldn't believe it. how many years have i tried to get her to go on that slide with me?? too many. haha. and of course, the year i can't go...she decides to go and be all brave. no, i'm kidding. i was super proud of her...and what's even better is that she loved it!thursday, may 28, was danny's last day student teaching at diamond fork junior high. we can't believe how fast the semester went by! he had so many wonderful experiences and the kids absolutely adore him. i decided to ditch stats lab {wasn't that hard of a decision} and go with him...i am so glad i got to go! his sixth period class is angelic {danny always says they are all going straight to heaven} and the class president bore a very sweet testimony. some of the kids prepared musical numbers--they varied from piano arrangements to singing "i know that my redeemer lives" in tongan--with was so cool. little did i know, danny had prepared a little musical number of his own...and invited me to be the guest singer! we sang "if the savior stood beside me" {one of my favorite songs}. what an awesome experience this has been. we can't wait to see what timpview will bring!

{sixth period}

{seventh period}

{the diamond fork crew}

friday, may 29, danny left early in the morning for california with the soccer team. since it was the last day of school for the cami, i decided to go support her in her end-of-year dance festival. she did great sporting her home-made surf board and rockin out to "surfin usa." mariah came with my parents and in between the dances we played on the swings. i love her.

so there you go. still to come: the latest pictures of the baby bump. get excited!


  1. I always get so excited to see Jessie posts! I can't believe how much Mike's girls look like all you George babies. Your mom's baby pictures, yours, Mike's, everyone's! I can't wait to see your little one!

  2. So, have I mentioned how excited we are to come out?? Do you think we could talk you and Danny watching the girls one night. I think I have Tom convinced to take me to the Roof for our Anniversary......a week late.

  3. We've been doing puzzles too!! We're currently working on a huge vegas one that has way cool peices too. And you don't even look pregnant in your swimsuit! I hate you, I'm gonna be huge. JK, I really don't hate you. :)

  4. Hey Jesse, you look fantastic but i can't wait either for more "bump" pics! It's great to hear that you are doing so good!

  5. What a fun update! Thanks for the cute pics! I CANNOT believe you were in a swimsuit. I would rather DIE right now than be in one! hahaha but you have little boobies and a cute tummy. Right now my boobs are out of control and no swimsuit could keep those girls in.

  6. How fun! WE love puzzles too! They are so entertaining, and good for the mind right?! :) Can't wait to see baby bump pictures

  7. You are so dang cute. So pretty much I want a copy of that must read list you talked about in a few posts back because i am obsessed with reading this summer! Lets have a lunch date soon please!

  8. Cami's already dancing surfin' usa? Remember when we were doing that? Your surfboard was blue, accurately shaped, and cute. Mine was huge, and crooked, and ugly. Good times. I bet we had peanut butter shakes after that.