Tuesday, June 12, 2012

day two in sf

it totally felt like our honeymoon.  just the two of us together in a big city with not a care in the world :) but seriously, day two was awesome.  we started out by eating at tartine bakery and i was in heaven.  the morning buns were out of this world.  and the bread pudding was good too...but the morning buns were amazing.  i kept begging danny to take me back again and again, but it was a little out of the way. perfect start to the perfect day.

after breakfast we wandered around the mission and stumbled upon the most amazing park ever.  our little town could learn a thing or two about playgrounds from san fran.  we totally wished that we had our kids with us, but then that would have defeated the purpose of our "honeymoon" so we decided that we would just have to start giving suggestions to the city council here :)

since neither of us own a smart phone (i know, i know...how do we survive???  some days, i'm not sure!) we decided to find a good, old-fashioned map and find our way around the city that way.  we relied heavily upon that map throughout our trip; it was well worth the $6 we paid for it.  however, we had to work for that map.  we walked about 10 blocks just to find a walgreens (since no one else seems to find maps important.)  we did walk into a little organic grocery store (san francisco is so organic + green!  my kind of city :)  and the cheese display was so darling i had to get a picture.  i would love that job--making little tags for cheese.  danny probably was slightly embarrassed since i kept saying things like "that is so cute!!" but i couldn't help myself.

all of this was done before eleven o'clock but finally, the bi-rite ice cream shop opened up and we got ourselves three scoops of some delicious ice cream.  we tried the balsamic strawberry, maple pecan, and snickerdoodle.  yummm.

since parking is insane!!! in san francisco, we decided to park the car at emily + elliot's church building and walk the rest of the day.  our wallets thanked us but by the end of the day my feet were not.  but isn't this church building the coolest ever??  we thought it'd be the perfect place for a little photo shoot...

we'd heard a lot about the farmer's market down at the ferry building so we walked...and walked...and walked all the way to pier 1.  on our stroll we passed some of the most beautiful buildings and houses (and billboards made with real t-shirts!)  i don't think i'd ever want to live in sf but if i could transport one of the houses...that would be another story.  the streets are also incredibly steep.  i have no idea how people park their cars without rolling them!  craziness.

the farmer's market was right up my alley.  fresh fruit and veggies all at such a great price.  we sampled some of the most delicious plum, peaches + apricots and eventually ended up buying a white + yellow peach.  i don't think i've ever had a peach drip down my arm so much.  it was wonderful :)

we walked to the end of the pier where there were at least ten guys trying to fish in extremely windy conditions.  not sure how that was going for them, but we had a great time enjoying the view.  such a beautiful place!

for lunch we went on a wild goose chase trying to find this hole in the wall sandwich shop called the sentinel.  i wish i had gotten a picture of the place!  it was tiny.  but the sandwiches were good.  and it was right off of jessie st. so how could we say no?  we got a recommendation from the owner to go eat our lunch on top of a nearby shopping mall and we couldn't have been more pleased with the surroundings.  plus, for dessert we ordered creme brulee from the creme brulee man.  we ordered the strawberry nutella and we a little disappointed when the nutella tasted like plain chocolate but it was still fun.

after eating and walking and walking some more through union square we finally made it back to our car and drove to oakland to do a session at the temple.  i don't think i've seen prettier grounds.  such a crazy contrast to go from the city to the temple grounds.  we had a wonderful time.

after the temple we had dinner at a little calzone shop in sf.  my calzone was a little doughy so we got free dessert but overall we were pleased with our dinner.  and that is how we spent our day together, alone, without kids, in san francisco.  pretty perfect if you ask me :)


  1. Jessie I am loving these posts! Your SF photos are amazing, and it looks like you had a blast! See that grey and white building to the left of the triangle building in your pier picture?! My family has an apartment in that building! I'm so excited to see more photos!

  2. What a great trip! I love San Francisco, and I'm so glad you got to take a little vacation with your sweetie!!

  3. You guys had way too much fun. And a creme brulee cart? Are you kidding me? That is my favorite dessert. Looks like I need to take a trip to San Fran.