Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the third day.

after a jam-packed day two spent solely with yours truly, i think danny was excited to spend some quality time with braden, emily, caleb & lauren :)  we started out the day by visiting the exploratorium (which happened to be free museum day!  can't beat that)  we had fun at the different exhibits but free museum day = extremely packed museum day so we tried to be patient when kids spent 10+ minutes checking out one station.  my favorites were the giant bubbles, the magnetic sand, and the floating water droplet.  we all enjoyed acting like kids (especially the boys!) and thought it was well worth the time...even though we were glad to save thirty bucks a couple!

for lunch we ate at super duper burger and it really was super duper.  not sure what it was about the burger that made it taste so incredibly good but i wouldn't mind having one of these closer to home.  the mini trays and the super cute liners definitely had me at hello :)  once again i embarrassed danny by taking pictures of my meal but i couldn't help myself.

we decided that we didn't mind looking like complete tourists and rented bikes from blazing saddles.  such a classy name, huh?? :)  from fisherman's wharf we biked the golden gate bridge!!!! i feel so accomplished saying that!  it was super duper windy outside which made for a slightly much harder bike ride...and it doesn't help that sf is made up entirely of HILLS but somehow i lived to tell the tale!  it really was an incredible experience and sooo beautiful.  i can't get over the golden gate bridge. 

from the bridge we rode into quaint little sausalito and caught the ferry back to the wharf.  i wish we could have spent more time in sausalito but we had to hurry back to return our bikes and drive back to santa rosa.  braden's mom completely spoiled us with a delicious gourmet dinner and we had a great time hanging out with his awesome family.  we played fun games, ate a yummy dessert (minus the whipped cream...since braden's dad turned it into butter in the vita-mix! ha!) and wrapped up another fabulous day.


  1. I am obsessed with your hair! You can pull anything off. I love it!

    This trip is making me want a trip sans kids. Looks like so much fun!

  2. I cannot believe you biked all the way from the wharf to the bridge! You really are amazing! What a cool thing to do in SF, since those places are both MUSTS! Way to go!