Sunday, June 10, 2012

holy moly.

i have so much to post about it is kind of overwhelming.  i just got back from a vaycay to san francisco with my honey and it was amazing.  that was my first time to that city and it did not disappoint!

however, i want to get all caught up on my pictures so a photo dump before the san francisco reveal is going to take precedence: 

+ avery's first ponytail!!!  this was a happy occasion.  she has hardly any hair except for right on top of her little head and there is now enough to put it in a pony.  cutest thing ever.

+ popcorn on the porch with the boys.  max loves levi + isaac so when they came to play awhile ago i had to snap a picture.  they are such good kids.

+ riding on max's trike (which he can now pedal all by himself!!  video to come soon.)  i caught this shot when neither of them were looking and it is hilarious.  they seem so serious!  silly kids.

+ swinging at the neighbor's house (since we don't have a playground...)  they both love the swings.  and slides.  and being outside in general.

+ our first 7peaks trip of the season!!  we got an amazing groupon on the pass of all passes so we decided to get them since we'll be spending half of our summer in provo due to danny's master's program (which he starts in one week!!! ahhh!)  we had a blast.  however, i'm not sure how i'm going to survive without danny there.  two toddlers near water with only one mama can be a scary thing.  we snapped some pictures before we got soaked and i am in love.  the first one is my favorite...max loves his little sister so much.  melts my heart.

+ max rode on uncle greg's motorcycle for the first time!  he was unsure at the beginning, but after seeing daddy + his cousin reed do it, he had to have a turn.  such a little stud.

+ we visited great grandpa's beautiful yard and enjoyed all of the hundreds of flowers.  he lives next door to danny's parents and they both keep amazing yards.  so many different flowers were in bloom (8 different varieties of poppies!) so we had to snap some pictures.  both kids spent a fair amount of time on danny's shoulders :)  such a fun time of year.  



  1. Avery's swimsuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is it from!?!!?!

    1. The Gap :) Isn't it adorable??? We got it for a steal too. Baby girl swimsuits are the best!