Friday, June 29, 2012

silly boy

most day's max still naps but on this particular day he was fighting it with all he had.  he wanted to sleep on his big boy bed...and then he had to sleep in avery's crib...and then he insisted on sleeping on the floor!  i really didn't think he would actually fall asleep on the floor since he's never done that in his life but a few minutes later when i went to check on him i found him like this:

danny and i had a good laugh about this and i couldn't help but think of my dad who falls asleep like this all the time :)  


and this is totally unrelated but it was one of those silly little conversations that i don't want to forget:

mom: max, what would you like for breakfast?
max: eggs... (long pause)
i wish! :)

he is a funny one!  it did however get me thinking...i'm not a morning person at all and usually after rolling out of bed all i feel like doing is pouring a bowl of cereal.  that has definitely become a norm for me as a mom and it's so much easier!  but when max said that to me i realized that he actually notices what i make (or don't make!) for breakfast so i'm trying to do better!

any yummy & easy breakfast ideas for me???

ps. for the record, max did get eggs for breakfast that day! :)


  1. I wouldn't say I'm a morning person either, but I AM a breakfast person :). We usually rotate between steel cut oats with berries (can't go back to the instant after having these. Let me know if you want a yummy recipe for them), egg in a window (fried egg in toast), and smoothies.

  2. haha i totally know how you feel, i usually let zak come in bed and play games on my phone for a little bit before i'm ready to get up and make breakfast. and that's usually at like 8:00. which is a bit pathetic. haha. unfortunately, he is usually very specific about what he wants to eat, so i have to be ready to make something. i do freeze left over waffles so that when he wants them and i don't, i can just get them out, toast em and put some peanut butter and bananas on it, and call it good.