Sunday, July 01, 2012

noah's ark

danny finished up the school year a whole month ago (wow that has gone fast!) but he just took down all of his room decorations & it's time to start brainstorming for next year: new testament!

we came up with a pretty sweet room for this last year (old testament) and i thought i'd share some pictures so you can see how awesome it turned out :)

just a few thoughts as you're scrolling through:

+ the rainbow is the jewel of the room.  it is made of paint chips!! woot woot.
+ know when to get in the boat is referring to the story of noah
+ and when to jump out is referring to a talk by elder bednar given to seminary & institute employees last summer.  danny clued the kids in on the talk the first week of school.  the gist of it is having the faith to participate in class aka jumping out of the boat.
+ noah's crew was added to throughout the year by one of danny's more artistic students.  i think they add so much & are way cute.  she even added a skittles bag to the top of the rainbow!  clever.  she may have been doodling during class...but at least it was productive right? :)  

what do you think??
have any ideas for next year?  we want to use paint chips again...

ps. happy july!!!!  best month of the year :)

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