Thursday, August 07, 2008

jill beard gleue

so a few posts back i filled out an ABC of my life. for the letter "B" i listed a few of my best friends. my SINGLE best friends, that is. i failed to mention my awesome, amazing, sweet, MARRIED, best friend jill beard gleue. since i made such a horrible mistake, i'd like to list just a few things

i LOVE about jill.

1. she looooooooooooves peaches.
2. bonifa latifa halifa sherifa jackson is her friend.
3. whenever stuart misbehaves, she's sure to tell him what mama says.
4. she reads cookbooks at night.
5. she loves looking at the stars and the galaxy.
6. she is an AMAZING dancer and knows all sorts of cool tribal moves.
7. she's super tall. just like me.
8. she rocks out to regina specktor with me.
9. i can give her "the look" and she knows exactly what i'm thinking about.
10. she is SUCH a good example to me, and she's coming all the way from star valley, wyoming to attend my sealing in the manti temple.

i was SO so lucky to have jill as my very first college room mate. i probably would have run straight back to provo if it hadn't been for her.

she is most DEFINITELY one of my very best friends.

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  1. So we got your invitation, and I LOVE IT! It's the cutest one I've seen in quite some time! You look absolutely beautiful! I'm sooo excited for you!