Saturday, July 12, 2008

horton hears a who

summer nights. outdoor movies. red vines and peachie-o's. good friends.
need i say more?

last night kierstin invited me to the outdoor showing of horton hears a who, at byu. it started at 9:30, and we got there right before it started so it was a little tricky finding a seat because there were tons of people there. (probably because it was also FREE!) i'd never seen this movie before, and after last night, i would highly recommend it! i was laughing the whole time.

thanks, kierstin, for the fun evening! i had a blast.


  1. Hey Jessie, fun to see you have a blog! I didn't know you were engaged, so congrats. When are you getting married? You are darling! check out our blog if you want

  2. Hey Jessie, I'm so glad you started a blog. They're so fun but addicting. We'll have to see that movie, I'm so easily entertained. I love it. I hope all is going well for you guys!