Saturday, July 19, 2008

part two: fun up in SLC

so in case you thought that was the end of our "extrava-date"...boy were you wrong! let me fill you in on part TWO. we were SUPER dirty from hiking, so we drove up to danny's brothers apartment in SLC and quickly showered off and got ready to go to the joseph smith movie on temple square. by the time we got there we had just enough time to grab a bite to eat at the nauvoo cafe in the joseph smith memorial building. we met up with aaron, danny's younger brother, and then hurried to catch the five o'clock showing of the movie. what a WONDERFUL movie.

i am so very grateful for this amazing gospel that i get the chance to be a part of. it's so nice to be reminded of everything that was gone through to get this religion back on the earth today. joseph smith was a Prophet of God, and after watching that movie again, i was reminded of his incredible strength and faith in the Lord.

we love to see the temple
we thought we'd thank aaron for taking our pictures,
by giving him a kiss on the cheek...he didn't exactly love the idea.
aaron and i
danny wanted to make sure everyone was aware HE is older than aaron.

i had SUCH a great time up in SLC. to end our big day, we drove up to ogden, to support the BYU soccer boys as they played the Ogden Outlaws. danny got to sit with me--which made the game much more enjoyable! BYU won...go cougs!

i'm so grateful for my fiance, and all that he does to treat me like a daughter of god. this was a much needed date, especially since i got my tonsils out two days later. life is wonderful with my boy!


  1. How fun! Isn't it nice to be treated like royalty :) Its nice to be loved, truly loved!

  2. I found your blog off of Katie Carter's...just wanted to say hi!! Congratulations on the engagement. That is so exciting! Cute couple, darling blog!