Thursday, November 13, 2008


we all LOVE free stuff, right???
well, have i got the deal for YOU!

our friends caleb and lauren called us tonight
and shared the following info with us:

1. go to
2. click on "oprah viewers"
3. sign up for a FREE photo album (a $30 value)
you can put pictures, artwork; anything that your heart desires in up to 20 pages

but you gotta act quick.
the deal from oprah only lasts until
tomorrow night at midnight!

ENJOY your FREE gift!


  1. Really? I am all over it. Thanks!

    It was good seeing you on campus last night- almost didn't recognize you in the dark/with your eskimo hoodie on :)

  2. I totally remember who got me hooked on Twilight, and I got your grandma to read them. She called me yesterday to tell me she finished Breaking Dawn!! Ha Ha.

  3. Ah I so wish I would've seen this earlier! Boo!

  4. im so glad you found me! now we can keep tabs on eachother, i mean we did go through the temple as firsties together! you look gorgeous on your wedding day! how cute are YOU and your husband?!