Friday, November 05, 2010

halloween 2010

ever since we picked max's costume up at costco, i've been planning to be jessie + woody + rex from toy story. {i mean, how cute would that be?!} however, danny wasn't too keen on the idea. plus, he said that since we live in nephi, cowboys are everywhere. he didn't think woody would be very original.

i wanted all of us to match, so a few days before halloween i thought about being vikings from "how to train your dragon." danny liked the idea of being hiccup a lot more {i guess he's more manly?? haha} but i never found the time to make anything.

so, i kind of failed this halloween. a few minutes before our ward trunk-or-treat i threw on a black jacket and drew whiskers on my face. and danny went as himself :) next year i promise to do better! however, besides all the drama of not having costumes, we still had one very adorable little dragon/dinosaur.

friday was nephi city's first annual halloween town. it was a big deal.
{i can't help but always think of star's hallow when we are at city functions. gotta love our little town!}

all of the businesses on main street passed out candy/raffle tickets to the kids and at 5:30 they had a party at the city park. it was insane. there were so many kids running out, hyped up on sugar. but it was fun to stroll around main street--danny's parents came down to join in on the fun as well! they even brought some crazy wigs with them! danny was lovin' his new do.

and saturday was the trunk-or-treat. it was pouring rain outside, so they moved it inside...and it was crazy as well!! max wanted to be a big boy and walk everywhere on his own. and he didn't ever quite grasp the concept of choosing a piece of candy from the bucket. we held up the line a lot but it was fun to see all the other little kids dressed up in costume.

here is a video of our little dino running away from his daddy...with a dum-dum in his hand. notice how he walks with his hands straight up in the air? he does that ALL the time! funny boy :)


  1. Oh my gosh sounds like your halloween dress up was juuuust as exciting as ours. How is it that we suck at thinking of ideas and have to drag our husbands ALONG with our wild ideas. Seriously. The best idea we could come up with was being "blades of grass" since Brinley was a ladybug. Get it?? But the idea instantly made me exhausted and we didn't do anything. And THEN before the ward trunk or treat thing my brownies were falling apart and I was frustrated, Ryan wasn't feeling well, and Brin was cranky. Soooo I did the lame cat face again, Ryan didn't dress up, and Brin was tired the whole time.

    SO I vow to have our costumes done in June and have NO excuse why we aren't dressing up. HELLO our freakin daughters b-day is HALLOWEEN!!!!!! We're lame-o's if we don't dress up!!!!!

    And max walking??? OH MY GOSH. I'm dying. That is so Brinley too. Arms straight up and practially running. She isn't very steady walking outside or on the grass, but we're getting there. When did our babies grow up???? ahhh makes me sick (and baby hungry) you got that part fixed though! I need to convince Ryan that we NEED another right now and not have to wait until spring time!!!

    (okay this was really you!)

  2. I hear ya on the feeling lame for not dressing up part. steve and i usually snag every opportunity to get in costume, but this year we had nothin'! i'm proud of you for throwing something together so last minute!!
    i am loving max and his costume. too cute!!! sounds like you guys had a great day.

  3. ps. that video... hilarious!! he is such a cute little walker, hands up and all! ha!

  4. HAHAHA that is a funny kid. Reminds me of Monsters INC. He is getting cuter just like Jessie. Too bad Danny is still lagging behind. P.s. are you guys gonna be at home on Saturday? We are going to Provo and want to keep going to Nephi?