Tuesday, November 02, 2010

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's...


{isn't his stance so funny?? he totally did that on his own}

we had some fun today with the dishtowel. i was positive that max was going to rip it off the second i tied that "cape" around his neck...but apparently i was very wrong. he kept that on for a good hour {probably more!}

he is such a little boy.

speaking of being a little boy, he has already passed his thirteen-month mark. i'm pretty sure his life couldn't be going any faster! he continues to amaze us with the new skills that he is acquiring on a daily basis.

some of his favorite things include:

.walking like a madman.
.throwing everything he can get his hands on into the trash.
.shaking his head no.
.nodding his head yes.
.checking the mail and opening the mailbox.
.peeking out the window to look for dad.
{any kind: big, small, short, fat. you name it, he will love it.}
.drinking out of his sippy cup all by himself.
.blowing kisses.
.listening for the choo-choo train.
.oranges, apples, kiwis.
.bath time.
.playing ball with daddy in the living room.
.doing dishes.
{the second he hears the dishwasher open he is next to it in a flash!}
.getting bundled up to go for walks in the stroller.


  1. Haha, all those pictures kill me, he is SO cute! And just keeps getting cuter!

  2. that cape is so awesome!! he just get cuter and cuter doesn't he!!

  3. YAY! He is suuuuch a big boy. I can't believe how fast time is flying by. STOP it now. Brinley is nodding and shaking her head too and I'm not really responding back like, "Oh no you don't want to nap, or yes I'd like to stay up and play." You catch my drift. It is pretty funny to see though. Really, do they have that much personality????/ SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When is your ultrasound??? I'm dyiiiiiiiiiing to know.

  4. haha he is so cute! And sounds like a good eater! And he sounds all boy. Love that little cape picture!

  5. I chuckled at the cape, but I LAUGHED out loud at the hair!! He has a lot to make spikes that long!! What a cute fellow.

  6. Are you kidding me? Oh my goodness, he is BEYOND cute. Like, take the cutest baby boy and multiply it by 5 and you have Max. Really, I just love him.