Tuesday, November 30, 2010

locks of love

you guys, we did it.

we chopped off our little man's hair.

unfortunately, he didn't have enough to donate to locks of love...
but either way, it has been quite the adjustment for all of us.

{ok, we admit it, his hair was a little out of control. i mean, check out that mullet!!}

during the haircut:

my little sister, alli, just recently graduated from hair school so we gave her the honors of giving max his first haircut. i don't think she has ever had such a wiggly client, but she did a great job.

post haircut:
{he kept making that cute little gesture when we asked him where his hair went}

we love his new look, even though we don't like how this cut makes him look so much older!
good thing hair grows, right??

p.s. we had quite the eventful thanksgiving holiday...and much to be thankful for.
check back soon for the latest!



    Jessie. I'm not kidding!!!!! I LOVE HIM! His new hair cut makes him look SO much older. I can't handle it. Thankfully, Brinley's Kramer hair is FINALLY filling out everywhere! Save those locks and put them in his baby album! I have some of Brin's hair when I cut the top off!!

  2. Wow thats a cute kid! You did good Jessie! Im glad your genes made Danny's obsolete so you guys would have a cute baby :)

    Love ya guys

  3. He DOES look all grown up!! Cutest little family ever!!

  4. So adorable! I should have Alli do my hair...it needs some serious TLC. Haha! I'm curious about your thanksgiving. I hope you didn't die (well, obviously almost die) in the storm. I NEED to come visit soon. I'm going to make it happen in the near future. Promise.

  5. Whoa. Katie and I commented at within seconds of each other. Creeeeeepy, but funny.

    That's all.

  6. Cute! He really looks so much older! We should really get together soon, I haven't seen you in a little while!

  7. SO cute. He looks like a little man now!!