Friday, December 11, 2009

two month {stats}

the little man is now two and a half months old! my how time flies.
here is how he measured up at his two month check:

{doesn't he have just about the biggest eyes you've ever seen?? love it.}

weight: ten lbs. seven ounces {12.29 percentile}
length: twenty three inches {37.39 percentile}
head circumference: fifteen and a half inches {17.72 percentile}

so. we're still working on chunkin' him up...but for now we are enjoying our sweet little baby boy. we sure do love him!

some of his favorite things include:

.bath time.
.smiling HUGE smiles at mom & dad.
.blowing spit bubbles.
.watching mom sign the alphabet to him.
{i've never seen him more focused than when i am signing to's amazing.}
.meal time.
.bouncing and kicking in his bouncer.
.balancing in dad's hand.
.looking at the lights on the christmas tree.
.listening to people singing.
.trying to figure out how to laugh.
.being held and snuggled with.

some of his not so favorite things include:

.the dreaded tummy time.
{the doctor told us we needed to up the amount of tummy time max is doing.
he said to do it three times a day for twenty minutes!}

.being quite during church.
.getting cold.
.waiting for mom to get ready to feed him.

we love you maxwell!
{aka: maximus, king max, little bear, bubba, mighty max}


  1. He is just the cutest! Thanks for all the updates!

  2. I LOVE HIM!

    He is such a skinny boy! I think Brinley is already 10 pounds! Her appointment is after Christmas and I am sooo curious how she is measuring up. And her shots too :-( I'm totally going to cry!

    Brin does spit bubbles too! I have no idea when she started it but huge loads of bubbled spit just oozes out of her mouth 24/7. Oh the joys!

    Max is such a sweet boy. You gotta post more videos. I'm trying to get Brinley to roll over, but she definitely won't beat Max's super baby skills of rolling over so early!! So tell Danny, that yes, Max is cooler than Brinley!

  3. I love how cute and skinny he is. My children will be able to eat your children they'll be so fat. haha! He's adorable!