Friday, June 18, 2010

hiking the Y

though we've both done it separately, danny and i have never hiked the Y together, so we figured it was about time! we went a few weeks ago...but this post is better late than never, right??

we had a great time even though the hike KILLED me. i am a little out of shape...
at least my awesome husband didn't make me carry the pack with little max in it. i don't think i could have done it!
{plus, i had my share of carrying him around non-stop for nine months!}

{he was so pumped to be in the hiking pack!}

we ran into some of our seminary friends right before we started, so we hiked up to the top with tucker, katie, and their three kids. it was quite the adventure!!


  1. this is random, but i look at your blog all the time. your baby is so big! he's SO cute. i love his little hair-do. and the Y is a hard hike, so good job!
    i think your little family is adorable.

  2. Sometimes I try to think of creative comments for your posts, but it all boils down to one same idea...your baby is freaking adorable.