Tuesday, July 06, 2010


why hello! i realize that it has been almost one whole month since i have updated the ole' blog. my bad. life around here has been awesome...but so crazy busy. danny is working forty hour weeks, i am taking nine credits, {last semester of college!! woohoo!} and our little baby has turned into an army-crawling, get-into-everything toddler. on top of that we have to move out of our apartment by the end of august...and we still haven't found a place to live. awesome, huh??

good thing it is summer and so very gorgeous outside!
{or we would be having some serious issues}

besides us being insanely busy, life really has been quite spectacular. little maxwell scott turned nine months old and it is such a fun stage of life! when we went to visit the doctor, these were the stats we got:

height: 27.75 inches {34.87 percentile}
head circumference: 18.03 inches {66.56 percentile}
weight: a whopping 16.8 pounder-roos! {2.9 percentile...}

i'm pretty confident that since his appointment was a full two weeks ago, he has progressed up to the 5th percentile at least! really though, the doctor wasn't too worried about his weight since he has always been lower than 15%. he eats like crazy so apparently he just has an awesome metabolism...lucky boy.

it is pretty crazy to think that he has been alive for the same amount of time that i carried him around in my belly. he is only three months away from turning the big ONE. i don't even want to think about it.

max really is such a joy to be around. i absolutely love being his mama.

some recent developments of his include:

army crawling. he goes anywhere and everywhere. he still hasn't quite figured out the proper crawling technique, but i'm not too worried about it. army crawling is bad enough!

growing a new tooth. {that makes three!} and not just any tooth...it is the tooth next to his top front teeth. he is a little jack-o-lantern/hillbilly and we love it!

a fascination {unlike anything i've ever seen} with hands. it is the funniest thing. he has always loved when i sign to him, so that could have something to do with it, but we have a mr. potato head, and his plastic hand goes everywhere with max. once he has a hold of one of his hands, he doesn't let go for hours. {maybe he secretly wishes he were an octopus?? two hands just isn't enough!}

crawling up stairs. who knew?? he first discovered the stairs yesterday, and he could not stop laughing! it was the cutest thing.

his love for go-gurts. he can slurp down an entire go-gurt in one minute flat. the second he sees the tube he starts licking his lips. same goes for any type of bread/chocolate.

being able to drink out of a sippy cup. this is great for us since a few months ago he decided that he was no longer going to drink out of a bottle.

his love for nature. or maybe he just loves leaves. every time we go for a walk i pick him a leaf off of a tree. he holds onto it the entire time and i only have to remind him a few times not to eat it!

realizing that he is cute/funny. he LOVES it when people tell him that. he gets this gigantic smile on his face and you can just tell that he knows exactly what you are talking about.

life is always an adventure with him around! we love you maxwell!


  1. I hope you guys narrow down a place to live. I dread moving and luckily, we've been in the same apartment since we've been married. I'm so jealous that you're almost done with college. I'll get there...some day. Hope Danny is liking teaching in Nephi! I'm sure he's doing an awesome job. Also, your baby makes me so excited for my babies.

    The end.

  2. aww everything sounds so great with him!! do you need any help since you are taking 9 credits and all?? and he also sits, last time i saw him he couldn't. all such fun things!! let me know!!

  3. oh goodness he is so big now! and stinking cute! =) cracks me up that my child is almost as heavy as yours though, at our 2 month check up he was 14 lbs... he's quite huge lol

  4. I love when you blog! Less than a month till I get to see you two!

  5. I love him too!!!!

    Brinley looooves the baby yogurt. It's a treat in our house!

    Love you guys!

    (and I do not believe those teeth!)

  6. I can't believe he's NINE MONTHS OLD!! That's amazing, and he still just makes me grin because he's so DANG CUTE. What a little doll. Hugs to you and good luck with the move!!