Wednesday, July 07, 2010

let the festivities begin!

wasn't this weekend wonderful???
we enjoyed every second of it.

we started out by driving up to layton thursday night so we would be there bright and early friday morning to go boating with the family. max must have caught onto the excitement, because friday morning he was up at seven o'clock acting as if it was christmas morning! {and he never gets up that early!}

we packed up, made humongous sandwiches for everyone, lathered on our sunscreen, and headed up to pine view in ogden around ten.

our little family waited for the rest of the group to pick us up...and when we finally saw them coming we also noticed that the boat was smoking like CRAZY. it was pretty hilarious. after twenty+ minutes they finally made it over to the shore and the men realized that they had forgotten to follow the steps completely before taking the boat out for the first time of the year.

after a little while they got it up and running again, so we took a little test run...and max absolutely loved it. he is one adventurous little guy. and his life jacket definitely enhanced his cuteness {besides the fact that when he sat down it completely smashed his face...}

danny and i got all pumped to show off our wakeboarding/tubing skills {since we have never been boating together. isn't that crazy?? i was a boat instructor at lake powell! and we still haven't gone.} but after getting out onto the middle of the lake, the boat died again. we were stranded there for a while, but eventually made it to a shore where we ended our little adventure.

it was still such a blast to be with family though, and everyone was such a good sport. definitely a wonderful way to begin the fourth of july marathon weekend!


  1. hahah haha thats pretty funny, i hope you get to go again soon though!! and im jealous it seems like a lot of fun!! and i am loving his little life jacket on him!! and ya we do need to get together!!

  2. The life jacket picture almost killed me. So adorable!