Friday, June 18, 2010

seeing double

i don't have twins, but after watching little krugh for my friend keri while they moved into their new place, i felt like i had twins!! krugh is about three weeks older than max and is into EVERYTHING! he can crawl faster than i've ever seen and can pull himself up while holding onto almost anything {the dryer, the couch, the kitchen stools, etc...} it was a little crazy, especially since our house is far from being baby proof yet, but it was fun to see them play together. {at least when they weren't trying to steal each others toys, and poke each others eyes out...who knew it started so young???}

isn't the picture of them in their car seats hilarious?? that was the only way i could keep an eye on them both! plus they both LOVE food.

gotta love baby boys!


  1. He is CHUB! That scares me that he is into everything...don't tell me that. Brinley crawling around is ENOUGh for me to deal with right now. I swear this is me all day, "Brinley no. Don't touch that. No don't grab sophie's tail. No!! Nooooo!"

    great. The age of no is here. Welcome.

  2. Adorable! You survived though, right? An afternoon with two baby boys is more twin experience than I have. Remember that day very vividly because I'll probably be calling you for advice... :)