Saturday, June 05, 2010


our little nino is already ocho months old.

that is crazy crazy crazy.

he is changing from a little baby into a BOY more and more every day. and even though it is a little sad to see him growing up so quickly, this stage of life is so much fun. he is one curious, excited, happy, crazy, fun, sweet eight month old.

there have been many times lately, that i have been stressed out and all it takes is one look at max to realize that i am one LUCKY girl. i mean, how could i not realize that??
{especially when he has squash smeared alllll over his face. that is becoming one of his specialties.}

as of late max has:

developed an intense love for gerber puffs
begun saying dadadadada
mastered {almost} the art of sitting up
become the steam-rolling machine
invented some pretty awesome crawling techniques
successfully continued to win over our hearts every single day.

we kinda like this kid.


  1. Okay he is turning into a little boy!! Isn't crazy that all of a sudden they have a HUGE personality??? I'm like, Brinley! Go back to being a slug! lol His parted hair is killing me......SO CUTE!

  2. Jesse he is soo adorable!! i miss yall and just wanted to say hey!!! You have such a wonderful family!! Love ya ,

  3. I can't get over how much of you I see in him. He has killer eyes... better keep an eye on him when he is of dating age ;-)

  4. hey that is so great that he is growing and doing new and awesome things!! i just love them getting older and doing fun stuff!!

  5. It was SO fun to see you guys yesterday!! Max is such a cutie!

  6. Jessie I can't believe how big Max is. He is so stinking cute!