Saturday, July 09, 2011

george family reunion 2011

a few weeks ago was the annual george family reunion in good old rigby, idaho.
not only that, but it was my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary!!!
we didn't know when we would be able to make it up next, so we loaded the children up and made the trek.

danny had training for seminary that weekend, so the kids and i went with my parents and danny came up later that night. my mom is the queen of snacks for road trips...and max ate basically non-stop from provo to rigby. she was worried that he would get bored in the car, but i told her as long as he had food to eat, he would be good! and he was. max ate + played the whole time, and avery slept the entire time!! we didn't have to stop once!
it was nothing short of a miracle.
we first stopped at my grandparent's and enjoyed time with them. max was SO interested in my grandpa's dog, prince, but he was also terribly scared of him. prince followed max everywhere and by the end of the night, they were almost little buddies! that night, we slept at my aunt + uncle's house in rexburg and stayed up way too late eating, laughing, and listening to my brother + cousins make up songs on the guitar.

saturday we met up with one of danny's old mission buddies + his cute family. they took us to this new frozen yogurt place in rexburg, kiwi loco. my how rexburg has changed since i was there! they are moving in a few months to north carolina {so jealous!!} but hopefully we'll follow their lead in a few years :)

that night we had a bbq at my aunt + uncle's in rigby and my uncle lyle made his to-die-for vinegar chicken. i think it gets better every time i try it.

sunday was the main event of the reunion: a delicious family meal and a little celebration for my grandparent's 60th. my grandpa is suffering from parkinson's, but it was so sweet to hear him tell my grandma how much he loves her. they have one rock solid marriage and they are two of the most amazing people i know. i hope danny and i can grow up to be like them!

we are so glad that we were able to go! all but one of the my dad's eight siblings were there, and i got to see some cousins that i haven't seen in years. max and avery were the only great-grandchildren there and they were getting hugs and kisses left and right. max made buddies with just about everyone and avery was loving being held every second :)

aren't families the best?!?


  1. Great pictures!!! Your hair looks amazing, by the way. I love the length and the highlights. Super cute! are a DOLL! Is she really 3 months old already???????? WHOA time has FLOWN by. I bet it is so wonderful having so much family so close. I definitely miss that!

  2. That is a miracle that the car ride went that well. Also, I love Avery's outfit! ;) And another also, we need to see you guys very soon. I'm concocting a little plan...I'll let you know the details soon!

  3. Fun! I wish I had your mom to go on road trips with us! I bet her snacks are delicious :)

    I had a crazy dream about you and Danny the other night. I'll keep you in suspense until I see you next!