Monday, July 11, 2011

stewart falls

every time i think of stewart falls, i am reminded of when i was eight years old and i got lost on the trail with my cousins amanda + chris. we thought we were capable children so we ran ahead of the rest of the family and before long, we had no idea where we were. it was a few hours until we made it back to the lodge where we were staying. talk about traumatic.

luckily, when we ventured out for our weekly saturday hiking trip with our family of four, we encountered nothing traumatic. {except sore muscles, and sun burns!}
thank goodness for that!

the hike was a little longer than i remembered, but it was a beautiful day. the trickiest part of the hike was maneuvering the 7-8 fallen logs across the path {try climbing over a fallen tree with a baby strapped to your front! haha} and crossing the random patch of snow but when we finally made it to the falls it was all worth it. it is seriously so gorgeous up there!!

we took some pictures, ate our lunches, and then headed back down. both max + avery fell asleep on the way back. we wore them right out!

we are definitely trying to take full advantage of the beautiful weather. if i had it my way, it would be summertime 365 days of the year!


  1. It can if you move to FLorida!!!!!!!!!

    Those pictures are adorable! isn't nice to have little kids so we can carry them in backpacks??? I don't mind that Brin is a shrimp, and I'm sure Danny doesn't either! I can't imagine hiking...yikes. You guys are rockstars! And Avery's hat??? ohhhh my adorable!!!

  2. I love that hike, and the weather has been perfect lately! Glad you're enjoying it!

  3. you just have the most adorable family ever.

    i just use imovie and it works fine (i like the earlier version...7 maybe? which i'm pretty sure you can download for free on apple's website)

    i throw in all my photos, put a song on, and then go through tweaking the photos so they line up. it's pretty easy.

    and since you're one of the most creative girls i know, i'm sure you'll do a fantastic job! :)

  4. ...and Stewart Falls is where?? It looks amazing! Super cute photos.