Tuesday, July 19, 2011

our little gardener

it's been over a week since i last posted and i'm now realizing just how very behind i am!! i have so much to catch up on. last night we got back from a four day camping trip to capitol reef with danny's entire family {pictures to come soon!} so i've got laundry coming out of my ears...but everyone {including danny} is asleep at the moment so i thought i'd start playing catch up.


this little guy is in LOVE with the outdoors. our backyard neighbor gave him a little wheelbarrow and he is in heaven every time he pushes it around. the funny thing is, it just kind of came naturally for him. neither danny or i showed him how to work it...but he wheels it around like a pro.
the other day we were out weeding and he grabbed his wheelbarrow and started filling it up with weeds. once it was full, he took it over to the garbage can and said "dump!" then, once danny dumped it for him, he brought it back to our weed patch and said "more!" he has been talking more and more and it is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

he also LOVES to help me water in the mornings. right after breakfast we pull on our crocs and head out the door. i grab the hose + max grabs his watering can; i water the plants...and max waters the dirt. sometimes he still has his clothes on...but usually he sports his diaper proudly :) i wonder what the neighbors think!

we can only hope that this love for gardening + helping in the yard continues into his teenage years...


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  2. You guys have quite the garden! One day...

    Max is so cute. I love that he loves to help you guys!