Monday, September 26, 2011

24 months + 96 words later...

on september 26, 2009 at 1:13 p.m. our little maxwell scott was born!!
what a wonderful two years it has been!

we are so incredibly blessed to have max in our just wouldn't be complete without him. we thank our heavenly father every day for this sweet addition to our family.

he is energetic, funny, sweet, so loving towards avery, crazy at times, adventurous, such a good eater, a lover of the outdoors, very observant, and just an overall great boy.

he has recently become much better at talking...yay!! we still can't decipher a handful of his words, but we are getting there! i counted up today all of the words i could think of that he says + we understand. i got to 96!! he has come a long way:

mom, dad, "e" (for avery), bapa (grandpa), bri, matt, alli, heavenly father (melts my heart!), jesus, dog, lawnmower, tractor (he uses the same word for truck), "nope" (for milk), more, "peez" (please), two, water, "tine" (for nectarine...we got tons from my grandparent's tree...they are delicious!!), bounce (for avery's bouncer), ball, kick, book, poop, pants, boots, shoes, keys, phone, hello, oh yeah, holy moly, oh "dosh" (for gosh), nuts, swing, fly, walk, boat, horse, choo choo, duck, kitty, meow, dirt, peas (those were his fav in our garden), "bat" (for bath), noise, bowl, spoon, fork, "tiptures" (for scriptures), light, blue, "bite" (for bike), slide, "nack" (for snack), "tant you" (for thank you), "bess" (for bless), yeah/yup, no, "reen" (for rain), boom, shirt, "bankie" (for blankie), "bubbos" (for bubbles), eyes, nose, ears, bite (whenever he sees avery chewing on her blanket or a toy he yells "bite!"), toes, hair, towel, fish, nigh night, jump, "zoap" (for soap), "yan" (for fan), bob (spongebob jammies), outside, binky, bird, "how" (for aaron + missy's dog howie), bean, flip flops, socks, cheese, "sire" (for fire), hot, run, and star!

he has gotten totally spoiled for his birthday, which we have been celebrating all weekend long. first, grandpa frank + grandma debbie came down on friday and brought him his very own shiny red tricycle!! he loves it. however, he refuses to have any help while he is on it, and he doesn't seem to want to learn how to work the of these days!

saturday, he got a letter from great grandma mckinley with $10!

and on sunday, grandpa jim + grandma shaunna came down with alli, tony, bri, and cami. we had a party!! i made lawnmower cupcakes (which i was very proud of, i must say!) and we had yummy chicken enchiladas for dinner. we scored some little people on ksl so we gave him some for his b-day, and are saving the rest for christmas (we actually have way more than we need, so if any of you are interested in some little people sets, let me know!) grandma and grandpa got him some new fall clothes, and five hot wheel cars. he didn't know what to do with all those toys! we ended the day with just our little family--everyone but danny snuggled up on the recliner! what a great {exhausting!} day.

{max would have been happy with just the box!! what a little cutie.}

today, on his actual birthday...we just kinda took it easy and played with all of his new toys! we went for a walk/ride around the block on his new bike, and he could hardly finish his breakfast because he was so excited to go play with his new boat + tractor!

max, we love you!!! don't ever forget how wonderful you are.


  1. oh my goodness, 96 words is a lot!! =)) and he is so stinking cute! i love his little birthday outfit, and your cupcakes, i'd be waay proud too!! yeah for being so old max!

  2. Happy Birthday MAX!!!! I knew I should have gone with my instincts! I was thinking on Sunday, I'm pretty sure it's Max's birthday on the 26th but I then forgot to text you! Forgive me!

    Happy Birthday Max! You are such a cute boy and I am so glad you are nice to your sister. You are saying SO many words, as long as you never start staying "no way jose" like your friend Brinley does! Go easy on your Mom during the day! Don't be too crazy!

  3. Those cupcakes look amazing! Way to go! Love them! And happy birthday max! Looks like he had a fun filled birthday. You're a gorgeous mama Jessie!

  4. I can't believe he's two already!!

    Those cupcakes are absolutely ADORABLE!! You are so clever.

  5. Wow Max! Happy birthday! So glad we get to be friends!