Wednesday, September 21, 2011


we started the little miss on rice cereal!!!
i can't believe it...she is growing up wayyy too fast.
she is already FIVE months old + life would just not be complete without her!

recently she:
discovered her toes!
started solids
has become a horrible sleeper!!
{any suggestions?? we were hoping cereal would help...but so far it hasn't.}
loves to play with her binkie, rattle, and caterpillar
has grown a tiny bit more hair! :)
has begun to giggle
loves to kick kick kick
started squealing...loudly!
found out how to suck her thumb
has continued to be incredibly adorable.

and here are three random little video's of our girlie.

babbling + squealing:

avery's 1st rice cereal experience:
{sunday morning, september 18th}

{make sure to notice max saying "OH YEAH!" in the background...he was talking on his "phone" to someone! haha}

this last one happened during sunday dinner. danny was getting avery undressed so we didn't get her dress all dirty but it kind of got stuck on her head. max thought that was the funniest thing. and then when danny started swinging her...max couldn't stop laughing. he is one silly boy. and avery is one cute girl. did you notice her chunky thighs??? i am in LOVE.

{can't get this video to post at the moment...check back soon!}


  1. Cute Jessie! I love those little squeels. And she seems to love the rice cereal! I love Max's reaction when Danny tells him to look at Avery eating. Your kids are adorable!

  2. So cute!!! She is adorable! I can't believe she is on rice cereal!!! That is CRAZY!

    Sleep suggestions...I remember we had Brin sleeping through the night by 5-6ish months, and it sucks, but when they wake up, you just gotta let them cry it out! It sucks, but if you don't stop the phase now, it will take a LONG time to get them out of the habit. The older they get, they recognize when mama and daddy are around, especially when it comes to bed time!! Buuuut I'm pretty sure you already know this stuff!!!! Love you!