Monday, September 19, 2011

celebrating three years

our anniversary was almost a month ago {crazy how time flies!} but just like our first + second, this one was mighty fine. it wasn't quite as romantic as we would have liked...max woke up with throw-up all over his crib...but danny made sure to make me feel like a queen even when i was feeling very un-queen like cleaning up + caring for a sick baby boy.

i woke up to fresh flowers, which were SO beautiful!!, and 161 little paper butterflies scattered on top of the dining room table. remember this sweet talk by elder scott?? danny thought he'd recreate that. hands down the best note i've ever received in my life. i didn't get it lined up until later that day, but i absolutely loved it.

and later that night we loaded up the bike trailer with our little kids and rode over to reed's drive in...our town's best burger joint. we got greasy burgers, fries, and a peanut butter oreo shake + ate it picnic style at the park.

later that week, when we were visiting in layton, we snuck out after the kids were in bed and went to see the help. i read the book and LOVED it so that was my request :) excellent movie! i may or may not have cried multiple times.

thanks babe, for being my biggest fan these last three years.
i love you!


  1. Happy 3 yrs! It has FLOWN by hasn't it??? I think I need to jump on The Help bandwagon. I don't know much about the book plot, but I want to read it!

  2. I am amazed that it's been three years. Wasn't it just yesterday we were sitting in the back of Mrs. Seegmiller's room and you were telling me about your awesome date with this cute kid named Danny???

    Well, you guys are a great couple and I hope you have many, many more wonderful anniversaries!


  3. Happy Anniversary! I wish we could have helped out a little, but glad you still had a good time. Soon you'll be planning a big 10 year getaway!