Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i'm a BYU college grad!!**

did you ever think the day would come?!?!?

i sure didn't.

but miraculously, it came + went...and i couldn't have been more pleased.

initially, i really really didn't want to walk. my specific college is one of the biggest at BYU and when we went to danny's ceremony it was almost three hours long!! trying to juggle a wiggly baby + listen to the sappy talks was about all i could handle! but when it came time for my graduation, i decided i wanted to put my sweet husband through the same suffering.

except this time, it wasn't. my ceremony was about 1.25 hours from start to finish. it was amazing! the talks were even somewhat interesting :)
and our two little kiddos did exceptionally well.
{the picture below may lead you to believe that max sat that still the whole time...he didn't! but what can you expect from an almost two year old?? he did really well considering.}

after pictures, we headed to my parent's for a little post-graduation party. danny's mom brought down an ice cream cake from cold stone!! it was heavenly. and it may have even made graduating from college worth it :) my dad + danny's dad were both out of town but my brother and his family were able to come celebrate, as well as my cousin + her family, and my aunt. thanks to all who came to support!! it has been an incredibly long journey...one i didn't think i would finish at times. THANK YOU to everyone who babysat max, who helped me with my homework, who encouraged me to finish. i couldn't have done it without you.

oh, and for your viewing pleasure...below is a breakdown of my college experience.
eleven semesters + some independent study classes in all!!!
phew. it's making me tired just looking at all of those.
but after all that, i received a bachelor's in home and family living.

favorite classes are highlighted in pink.
least favorite classes are in brown.
and classes i took with danny will be bold.

classes taken at byu-idaho

fall 2006
college writing
design basics
intro to interior design
presentation 1
book of mormon

winter 2007
fit for life
visual arts lab
color theory
presentation 2
architectural drafting
math real world {love you britt!!}
teachings of the living prophets

classes taken at byu

spring 2008
intro to lit: fiction, drama, poetry
lds marriage & family

fall 2008
american heritage
humanities 1 {how in the world did i survive this?!? it made boring look FUN}
new testament {not sure how danny + i pulled off having 3 classes together! it was awesome}

winter 2009
physical science
basics of clothing construction
human development {taught by larry nielson}

spring 2009
floral design {took with my mama! such a fun class!}
family finance {taught by dr. isrealson...he is one amazing man}
statistics {barely scraped by in this one...thanks to danny i passed!}

summer 2009
persuasive writing
book of mormon
strengthening marriage & family
food prep in the home

fall 2009
religion in the home {excellent class by dr. dollahite}

winter 2010
women entrepreneurship {one and only class taken with j.pate!}
basic entrepreneurship skills
the living prophets {AMAZING!! taught by bro. matthew richardson, 2nd counselor in the sunday school general presidency}
work & relationships in the home

spring 2010
pearl of great price
home and family living

summer 2010
history of creativity 2
critical inquiry & research methods {katie, i'm sure you can agree with me on this one!}
temporal welfare in families

independent study
intro to family processes
parenting & child guidance
children's lit {quite possibly one of the all-time FAV classes ever!! i am going to do a post just on this one class soon! i read so many good books! can't wait to tell you about it.}
marriage enhancement
weight training {taught by my dad}
landscape design

ps. the little asterisks are in the title because technically i still have two classes to finish up...but i am so dang close so i walked +
now i am having a wonderful time getting motivated to totally finish!!
but i'll get there. i will.


  1. YAY! Huge congrats! I love that you walked because I'm going to as well. I'm already getting grumpy comments about it and I still have at least a year to go! Haha! I love the break down of your college career too. I should do that just so I can actually SEE everything I've done.

    You rock. End of story.

  2. come on jessie! humanities with me wasn't your fave?? :)

  3. YAYYYYYYY! I can't believe you guys took all those classes together! jealous a bit! I am so proud of you for finishing. I love that you finished with 2 KIDS!! That means, it is possible for EVERY woman to finish. BUT, you have to have a strong desire to finish or it definitely won't happen. There are too many reasons and things that come up to say, umm I think I'll just take a semester or a few years off. I am so grateful to have all that school stuff behind me. But...I miss it! I'm itching to get back into some type of school...disgusting huh!??? Love you and SO proud of you, George!

  4. congratulations again! so glad we could be there to celebrate! miss you. (and, i'd love copies of those photos of sal.)

  5. Yay for you! Such an awesome feeling to be done, eh. I am proud of you! I don't know how you did it with 2 kiddies!

  6. I love this post! And yes that was the worst class ever! The funny thing is that all the classes that were your least favorite were my least favorite too! I wish I could have walked with our college! I'm glad to hear it was good!

  7. Congratulations Jessie! Sounds like you had a busy schedule these past few years. So glad you are done! Oh, how I wish I was in your shoes right now. :) Someday

  8. yeah!!! it's so awesome to feel like you're finally there right?! especially with kids, i give extra props to me, and extra extra props to you with two kids. =) congrats!

  9. Congrats Jessie!!! I knew you would finish!! You're amazing being able to finish it up with 2 children at home.