Monday, September 12, 2011

the diaper duo

having two children in diapers is awesome, let me tell you!
i have been seriously considering potty training max to cut down on diaper costs + stinky diapers but i've gotten mixed reviews on when to start with a boy.
{don't you get mixed reviews in all areas of parenting??}
i read this awesome post + she had her son trained before he was even two! amazing. but, a lady in my ward pointed out that as nice as it is having them out of diapers, it's not nice when you have a grocery cart full of food, a crying baby, and a toddler that has to go "now!" when you put it that way...maybe i'll wait until he's four :)

i'm interested to hear when your take on potty training is...what secrets have you heard/tried? what worked for you? when would you recommend starting? i'd love to hear.

until max upgrades, having two children in diapers makes for some great pictures!
i love our little diaper duo:

oh, and in the picture below--max figured out how to take his diaper off!! what an accomplishment :) last time i put him down for a nap in just his diaper...


  1. Sophie can take her diapers off too. Yesterday before church, I ran upstairs to grab a few last minutes things and not only had she taken hers off, but both girls were EATING it. Let's just say it wasn't a clean diaper either. It was the nastiest thing I've ever seen. A last minute bath was in order and we were definitely late for church.

    Not sure why I felt the need to share that disgusting story with you, but I'm just trying to say that I feel your pain. Bleh...

  2. No advice to give because we haven't crossed that GINORMOUS bridge yet...but they are super cute in diapers! The best advice that I have read is to start potty training when they are ready. When you force it, it takes long, there are more accidents, and more chance of them going back to their old ways. I think we'll start introducing it in the Spring time. We did get her a potty top thing for the toilet and she loves to sit on it before jumping in the bath. The little potty's gross me out...

  3. potty training = a parent's first lesson in agency. YOU don't potty train them...they decide for themselves when they are ready. And...your kiddos are simply adorable.