Monday, August 23, 2010

two years, baby!

today was our wedding anniversary...can you believe it has already been two years??
a LOT has happened since we entered the doors to the manti temple, but i wouldn't change a thing.

{because of the craziness of moving, i can't find actual wedding day pictures. these will have to suffice.}

amid all the paint fumes, splinters, sanders, and brushes, it was a pretty romantic day! :)

but seriously, life couldn't be better. i love you babe and am so glad that you asked me to marry you! what would life be life without you?? i don't even want to know.

daniel scott, thanks for making life so fun, for listening to my crazy fears, for telling me i'm beautiful, and for being such a wonderful husband.



  1. 2 years HAS floooown by! Like you, we also had a romantic anniversary! Packing and stressing! YAYYY! lol maybe next year we can do soemthing romantic (and maybe without being pregnant...who promises!).

    I love you Jessie and I love Danny too! You two are a powerhouse couple.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it has already been two years. Time flies when your having fun!