Wednesday, August 25, 2010

two buckeroos

during the month of august at thanksgiving point they have two dollar tuesdays, where you can go to any venue of theirs, for {you guessed it!} two bucks.

yesterday kim and i escaped with the babies for a little afternoon adventure...and it was a much needed break! {all of the home renovations lately have completely taken it out of me! remind me again why we wanted to buy a house...???}

we just bought a pass to stroll through the gardens, but our two dollars were well spent. we went through the children's gardens and saw hundreds of different flowers, plus lily pads, and waterfalls. max's favorite spot was the sand box. luckily, he didn't even try to eat the sand. something about being able to hold a shovel was pretty exciting to an eleven-month old boy like him.

{i had to show you the comparison between max + ellie and this childhood fav picture of mine by mary cassatt. isn't that the cutest???}

max and i in front of "noah's ark."

thanks kim for the fun afternoon, and the good chat in the car. i'm going to miss you!!


  1. Hey, we went there yesterday too! But at night, to the fun.

  2. What a fun idea! It is so hard finding baby activities!! Brinley would FOR sure stick sand in her mouth. I'm trying to postpone the inevitable. Love Max!!! is he REALLLY 11 months? because if he IS that means Brinley is 10 months. OH MY GOSH WHERE HAS THE TIME GONNNNNE!???

  3. Seriously. Cutest little boy. Ever.

  4. hey we went there just a couple of weeks ago. we mostly spent time with the animals though!! fun stuff for super cheap!! love it!

  5. Your post almost made me cry {the goodbye part.} I am going to miss you too! So much. But let's ignore that until Saturday.

    Tuesday was SO fun! I am for sure going for the last one next week for the petting zoo-- and Keri is too (for real.) You should come if you can get away from all your moving-in craziness.

    I LOVE the comparison between Max and Ellie and that cute painting! How cool.