Sunday, September 27, 2009

Maxwell Scott McKinley

September 26, 2009

1:13 pm
7 lbs. 5 oz.
20 in.

DRUM ROLL..........


our happy little family! {apparently max listened to my pleas and decided to surprise everyone by showing up early! boy are we glad he did!}

{six hours earlier...}

this is us just hanging out waiting for everything to go down (not literally, well, kinda)

this is how happy jess was, not nervous at all. and me getting excited for the baby.

one of the first pictures ever taken of his cute self.

first time parents. love at first sight.

minutes after birth, they whisked him away to hook him up to a nasal cpap machine. his lungs were having a hard time expanding fully so they attached this little device to him. not only that, but they had to insert a thin little tube into his stomach to get out a bunch of junk. after two hours they finally brought him back to me! {danny got to go hold him after the first hour...but not me}

adoring our little guy. we sure do love him. LOTS.

this is just minutes after he was born. i'm still amazed that he is mine.

his fingernails are extremely long...and he loves clawing he gets to wear these little mittens {boxing gloves as danny calls them}. but we think he looks pretty cute.

danny changing his FIRST diaper. EVER. he did a fantastic job, and he is already a pro {because max is a pro pooper!}

he loves sticking out his tongue! {but don't worry...his eyes aren't always cross-eyed}

our little burrito baby. we could just eat him up!

baby's first bath. he screamed the entire time

and this is our little angel.

we love our max and couldn't be happier about how wonderful the entire "labor day" went. {more details to come}


  1. AHHHH!!!! I love it! I'll have you know that I cried while reading this. I wish I could tell you how happy I am, but it's impossible, but I'm sure you understand because you're a million times more happy than I am about your little guy. I love you guys a lot and need to come down and see Max!

    Also, I can't believe how beautiful you look after just giving birth. And I think in the first picture, little Max already looks like such a George. I think his little profile looks like Brian. :) Ahhh!!!! So happy!!!

  2. Congratulations! He's so darling, and you, Jessie, look great!

  3. CONGRATS! Holy cow. I told my Mom today and she screamed! She is so excited for you. It was so funny because she's like, All I can picture is you two in NC totally single and not caring about anything except laughing and having fun and now you're both mommies!

    Those pics brought tears to my eyes! We will definitely need to plan a hang out after Christmas when everything settles down. We'll come to you guys :-)

    My thoughts:
    #1. jealous. I tell BGB to come and join us...but she won't.
    #2. YOU ARE GORGEOUS. In every picture. You look so good, girl. I'm dead serious.
    #3. Do you feel like a cow yet?
    #4 Tell Danny congrats on his first ever diaper! He'll have only 1.9 million more to go!
    #5 You are a MOM and I am SOOOooo excited to hear from you! Call me when Max is sleeping and you can't sleep. I hear that happens a lot!

  4. CONGRATS!! that just happens to be Shawna's birthday! best day to have a birthday ever! You look great! We love the name and the pictures! He's adorable! Can't wait to meet him at the next family reunion:)

  5. congratulations jessie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Adorable! I can't believe that he is YOUR's either....but I am SO happy for you, it's amazing! I agree with Brit, you can definitely tell he belongs to you! You do look SO good! I can't wait to see you and him in person!

  7. oh my goodness your little family is so precious!!!! congratulations! i'm officially baby hungry! :) my friend out here in Florida just had a little baby girl and I just can't get enough of newborns. Your little guy is DARLING!!!!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! He is so precious!!! I am just so THRILLED for you guys- yay!!

    Jessie- you look absolutely amazing. I can't believe the picture of you up and walking around for his first bath. It took me FOREVER to get up and walk without passing out. You are a pro.

    Max is so cute!! Daniel looks like he's already got the whole Daddy thing down. You are going to fall in love with him even more and more because of it.

    Have fun!!!

  9. Oh Jessie. You're a mommy!! Max is perfectly beautiful, and you and Danny look so happy! Hugs and kisses all around!! Congratulations!!!

  10. SOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! Oh I am so excited for you guys and just slightly jealous! This made me even more excited for our little guy. Jess you look great -it looks like you didn't even go through labor -are you sure he didn't just magically appear outside of your belly all of a sudden? What a cute little guy. I'll text you later this week and bring you some goodies or something. I don't want to bombard you but I would love to bring you dinner or something. Congrats again you too! Way to be a pro pooper changer Danny! Maybe you'll have to teach Pete a thing or too here soon ;)

  11. hoorah he finally came! i have seriously been checking your blog almost every day just waiting! congrats you guys are going to be such awesome parents! I love the name maxwell, so cute!

  12. Oh he is cute!!!! Congratulations!!! You guys are a cute little family and you look great!! Way to go girl!!

  13. Jessie I am so excited for you!! And totally freaking out that you are officially a mom. What a cute family. Congrats!

  14. Yeah! We're so excited for you guys. I'm glad to hear that everything went so well. We hope to meet him when we come up for Christmas break. Way to go!

  15. We can't wait to meet him. You all look great!!

  16. And did I mention he's darling? You can tell he's a Hindmarsh. All darling kids.

  17. Jessie,
    Your mom gave me the link to your blog. Just wanted to say...
    Max is adorable and I'm so happy for you all. I'm glad he got here safe and sound and that he was kind enough to come a bit early. What a considerate boy!