Sunday, July 24, 2011

pine view reservoir i can begin playing catch up for reals! after our camping trip, we came home for one day {to basically water the garden + do laundry!} and then we left again to spend time up in layton/salt lake area. we had a BLAST and we are all so incredibly exhausted it's kind of ridiculous! but before i tell you about all of the fun we had...i realized i never wrote about our adventures at pine view reservoir over the fourth of july weekend: {was that really twenty days ago?!?!}

the day began bright and early with me, danny, avery, missy + aaron. we left max sleeping at danny's parents house and they met up with us around lunch time. aaron + danny wanted to make sure that they had glass to ski we obliged since we are awesome wives :) avery was a champ and didn't make a peep until we got her strapped into her life jacket. she hated that thing. i guess i don't blame her since it was kind of smashing her head...

she also could have been embarrassed by her father...the lake does crazy things to him :)

aaron had some pretty sweet jumps + flips:

but he also had some crazy falls...which made his hair lovely:

and we all had a wonderful time! avery got even more tan {if that is possible!}
and somehow i didn't get any pictures of max but he was there! he was fascinated with all of the boats, birds, water, sand, etc...

thanks mom + dad for letting us take out your boat!

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