Friday, March 12, 2010

first aid

a few of you may know about the entrepreneurship class i am taking at byu where i have to earn $1500 before the end of the semester or we fail the class. and if you know that, you also know that my group has earned $0. awesome huh??

not so much. BUT, the good news is that we re-vamped our idea and have come up with something pretty awesome:

first aid kits
{in a hot pad}

we are selling them for seven bucks a piece and they are awesome!

each kit comes with:

alcohol cleansing pads
germ-x antibacterial soft wipes
safety pins
nail file
band aids
plastic gloves
and instructions on how to do cpr on adults, children, and babies

they fit nicely in purses, glove compartments, etc...and make excellent gifts as well.
{if you buy more than one, special deals are available!} colors of hot pad/buttons are customizable.

if you or anybody else you know is interested, let me know!
we can get them to you asap.


  1. I totally want one for my diaper bag. Seriously...what more can I add to that's a pharmacy already. Geez...

    I like that green one! Email me and let me know where I should send a check!

    Just supporting my bff...

  2. Oooo...I'd like one too! I'll let my mom know as well. She was saying a few months ago that she wanted a first aid kit that she could have in her car. This would be perfect! I think we'll be coming down for a day this week. I'll let you know!!

  3. Yes, please! I would like four, in the awesome colors of your choice. Let me know how to give you the $$!

  4. I want one!!! Seriously, consider it done. Bring it to lunch and remind me beforehand to bring the $7.

    Also, I have never met anyone more adamant and excited about Emergency Preparedness than my mother-in-law. I will tell her about these and see if she is interested!

  5. I would like 3, one for each car and the house. You need to post this on FB so other people can see too. I'll send a check to Grandma and Gramps house and have them get it to you.