Friday, March 12, 2010


{i am obsessed with those big brown eyes!!}

i don't know where this week has gone, but with school, seminary, a baby, and everything else in between i haven't been able to update the blog in a while.

we've been having a b.l.a.s.t. with our little guy. he is getting so much more interactive and is laughing multiple times a day. he's a tiny bit better at tummy time, is obsessssssed with my phone, still loves baby food, and has just recently begun letting danny put him to bed...some of the time {he is a serious mama's boy!}

here are some of maxwell's first's:

first {real} encounter with the sun. yay for spring time!! we can't wait.

first time clowning around. ok. i guess this was our doing...but it was awesome! the ring stayed on his forehead no matter how much he moved his head around.

first time letting danny put him to bed without screaming for one hour straight. it was awesome.

first day of "school". is it bad that we play around with him so much?? he probably thinks his parents are crazy. but with that little polo shirt on we couldn't help but think he looked like a little school boy.

first time being mr. potato head. again, max probably thinks he has the craziest parents. hah. this was not my doing though...danny told me to come into the room and this is what i found.

needless to say, we've been having fun over at our household. life is good. max is growing bigger every day. and we love it.

p.s. i've been a little blog crazy since max is taking a marathon nap. make sure to check out my last two posts as well!


  1. I seriously love this little boy.

  2. Great post! I miss your random shots of Max. He is so cute. How did you get him to love baby food so much? I've been trying to feed Brin rice cereal and sometimes adding in bananas or peaches...and she just doesn't react to the spoon. Should I wait a few weeks? Email me your suggestions.

    I want her to like it SO bad I just end up shoving the spoon in her mouth and watching the food spew out. Lovely I know. I'm a bad mom! lol