Sunday, March 28, 2010


one, two, three, four, five, SIX.

can you believe it?? our little bubba is now six months old. that is half way to a year!! crazy. we haven't had his check up yet {i'm excited to see if that baby food is helping his weight gain at all!} but to me it seems like he is growing like crrrrrrazy.

last night i was going through a bunch of old pictures and i got caught up in looking at pictures from six months ago. it amazes me that in six short months our little man has gone from this:

to this:

he sure does have a LOT of personality. no matter where we are, people comment on:
1. his big, bright, beautiful eyes.
2. the energy he has. when he is awake and content...he doesn't stop moving.
3. his gigantic smile. it's contagious.

in the picture above i was trying to capture the latest milestone of his...he has TEETH. two of them right on the bottom. they are super cute {and crooked} but that explains why he has had such a weird sleeping schedule lately. they pretty much popped up out of no where.

to celebrate his {half} birthday we took a little trip down to st. george with danny's fam to watch aaron play soccer. we got there friday afternoon, went to olive graden with the team, cheered on weber state, and got max to bed really late. he was such a trooper though. we even let him bathe in the sink of our hotel room. he was loving it...and splashing ALL over the floor {oops!}

enjoying the beautiful sunshine with daddy

hanging with grandpa frank at dinner

cheering on uncle aaron with mommy

relaxing in the sink

on saturday we slept in, then aaron, missy, danny, and i went to the st. george temple. oh. my goodness. such a gorgeous temple!! i have never been to the temple grounds before and it is BEAUTIFUL. we got to do baptisms and had a great time. {unfortunately i forgot my camera} on our way out we stopped at the outlet's and grandma debbie couldn't resist getting this little easter shirt for max. he wore it today to church and looked like such a little man! where has our baby gone??

and this is his latest trick:
{he'll sit like this for minutes at a is pretty entertaining.}

he seems to be learning sooo much and we love getting to know him more and more each day.

we love you maxie max!!!


  1. I say this every time, but I think your son is the cutest little boy ever. Happy half birthday, Max!

  2. Also, is he wearing little pumas in the first picture? LOVE it!

  3. We LOVE him!!!!!

    I know how you feel. I look at pictures of Brin and I'm like...whoa time has FLOOOOWN by. Brin is sooo busy and active and I'm like SLOW DOWN GIRL! I love seeing her develop and grow but at the same time I'm sad because my baby is no longer a baby!

    Phew. Me too...can't wait to see what kind of pounds Max has put on since month 4!!! Post when you get them!

  4. i love him!! can't wait for our little boy to come. 3 more months!!!