Tuesday, March 23, 2010

king for a day

ps this is danny.
so this post is mostly for my mama who never thought this day would come! it took roughly three byu years, a regis transfer year, a couple of withdraws, a couple of d's, and some major flirting with professors... but i made it!!! i am a college graduate.

it feels good to be done. ive had the diploma for about 2 months, sorry mom, but wanted to put it in the frame and take a cheesy picture to show it off. thanks mom and dad for always encouraging me to finish, you're the best! if you can't read the small writing i have a double major of pre-med and pre-law, which some think isn't offered at byu (jenny) but believe me, IT IS. ok so i have a single major in sociology, but its pretty much the same thing.

my sister fini already did the doctor thing, and i totally would have but two docs in the fam would be too much so im going the seminary route. we find out in exactly 24 days what happens with our future. crazy eh??? if we stop answering phone calls after that day you can assume we have crawled into a deep dark hole. haha. just kidding. we can honestly say that God is in charge and He guides our lives. if He doesn't want me to be a seminary teacher, that just means he wants me to do something else and become rich!
as my brother matt puts it: faith. the answer is always faith.
just a couple more pics for fun.
we love you all


  1. Way to go Danny! Yay for college grads and yay for sociology majors! You inspire me to someday get my degree...

  2. So proud of you Daniel Scott! We love you!

    PS Doubt not, fear not!

  3. Love the pics. You are a goofball, Danny! Congrats on your graduation!

  4. Congratulations Danny!! I saw brother Mortensen at Cafe Rio the other day, so I put in a good word for you. If you get a teaching job, you can thank me :). Jk, he said you are amazing.

  5. Way to go!! That is so exciting, I'm sure you are so glad to have that down and done! You'll be a great whatever you become :) Whether its a seminary teacher or something else. Way to go!

  6. congrats dannny! that's awesome! good luck with your future jobs :)

  7. Woohoo! I love the pictures. They're awesome and so are you. I'm so proud of you. Pre-law and pre-med - what kind of a crazy coot picks those? Sociology is obviously where it's at. Love you!