Wednesday, March 31, 2010

grandma debbie

max may be in the third percentile for weight...but he is in the ninety ninth percentile for finger painting skills! he thought long and hard about what to get his grandma debbie for her birthday, and finally settled on this:

i know, i know. you are probably amazed that he already knows how to spell. so were we! he is such a talented little boy. he wanted to make sure that his grandma knew just exactly how much he loves her.

he also wanted to make sure that it was a big surprise, so he asked us to wrap him up in his blanket {he is also eco-friendly} and he brought along this green bow to place on top of his head.

as he had predicted, it was a hit with grandma. she unwrapped him to find his personalized birthday message, right on his shirt. he is going to have a hard time doing better next year, but i have no doubt he'll come up with something great.

we love you {mom} grandma debbie!!
hope you had a wonderful day.


  1. Thank you so much Max for the wonderful birthday present! I am amazed that you can spell so well at your age!!!! Thanks to your Mom and Dad for teaching you so well! It was a wonderful birthday thanks to all of you!

    Love you all!


  2. He is so skinnny!! It's okay...Brinley is too. She is way petite. They are perfect for each other!!!!!!!!!!!