Sunday, April 04, 2010

one year older

april is a favored month in the mckinley residence. two out of the three of us have birthday's in the month of april. on the second, it was my turn to have my special day. and thanks to my amazing husband, and loving family + friends, it was just that.

basically the entire week of my birthday was a party. on wednesday and thursday, max and i visited danny at work. oh my goodness!! those high school girls were ready to eat max up. even the boys loved him. we forgot to take clothes for him to change into, so he was in his footie pj's showing off to danny's classes. they loved it...and basically every girl in seminary wanted to hold him. it was so much fun to meet his students; they really are great kids. we sang a duet together in each of his classes and the spirit was always so strong. perfect activity to get us pumped for conference.

we've also been eating out {for FREE} the past few days thanks to e.birthday coupons. i love food...and it is ten times better when it is free! yoasis, red mango, noodles & co, fuddruckers, red robin, cold stone, baskin robbins, rubio's are some of the places that we've cashed in our coupons. i'm probably going to regret it when i step on the scale, but it was so nice to be able to go out and not have to worry about cooking when finals are coming up!

on my actual birthday, i woke up to find balloons and a little gift outside on the porch from my family. they are the sweetest. at ten, max and i walked to his six month doctor's appt. {stats to come soon...} he did great, until he got his shots. it seriously breaks my heart to see him scrrrrream like that, but it's for his own good {just like they talked about in conference!} danny picked us up and when i got home i found he had made the bed and placed birthday cards from his students all over. they were the sweetest cards, and so much fun to read. i love his students!

then...he sent me to the SPA. it was amazing. in one of my classes at byu, women from around the valley who have started successful businesses come speak to us. one lady started up a spa, primrose retreat. she gave us a fifty percent off coupon and i kept it up on the fridge hoping that one day i would find the time to use it. i haven't yet...and probably never would have had it not been for my husband! he scheduled the appt all by himself and told me not to worry about a thing. after a bath soak {greatest thing ever!}, massage, facial, and pedicure i was feeling like a queen.

when i got home, {more relaxed than i have been in a looooong time} we headed to my parents for a little birthday party. bekah {my sweet sister-in-law} was in town for her brother's wedding, so we got to catch up with her, which is always nice. we had yummy treats, and my mom made me the cutest abc scrapbook. i love it.

that night, we went to danny's mission reunion, where i got to meet his mission president who had traveled all the way from argentina! he is such a sweet, humble man so that was really neat.

it was a wonderful day, and to top it all off, the day after my birthday was conference...which of course was fantastic! thank you for all of the birthday wishes, and cards. i loved them all.


  1. So glad you had a fun birthday! I got a massage the other day and it was AMAZING>.........oh my goodness. You deserve it girl! Hang in're almost done school!!!

    Love you!

  2. I wish I had known it was your birthday. Happy (belated) Birthday!!! Sounds like a fabulous day all around. You deserve it. Love you!