Tuesday, April 13, 2010

good day

today was a good day.

i finished up the last of my winter semester classes!! wooooohoooo. i seriously couldn't be happier. this semester was tough. now, only five classes left until graduation.

in my business class we made our goal of $1500...just barely! thanks to all of you who helped me out. {if you haven't received your first aid kit in the mail, it is coming!}

and glee started. i love that show.

p.s. we find out on FRIDAY what is happening with the rest of our lives. scary??? yes. but we are excited. please keep us in your prayers!


  1. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Please put me on your list of people to tell!! We'll be driiiiiving lol...

    We leave THursday.

    I love you.

    And I am SO proud of you for finishing. Go girl. You got this. Don't stop now! It is SOOO worth it getting that piece of paper! Give Max a big wet kiss for me!

  2. Good luck on Friday!! We'll be thinking about you!

    And I wouldn't worry too much about Max's weight...you are in the 2.71 percentile for your weight, too, so he's just following in his beautiful mom's footsteps!