Sunday, October 26, 2014

max's first soccer game!

Ever since Max was a little boy he has loved running, balls, and more running! He was devastated last summer when he wasn't old enough to play on the city soccer league (especially since they played right across from our house in Nephi!) but this past summer, he was more than ready!!

For his very first game he had quite the crowd & he couldn't have been more pleased. He scored two goals (one for his team, one for theirs :) and he loved every second of it. I foresee many, many more soccer games in our future! Thanks to all those who came down to support Max. He loves you all!

// One of my favorite things: Max laying out his entire outfit :) He is a very organized boy & made sure he was prepared down to the last detail! //

// Long days for Avery = crashing on the hard floor! //

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